back from midwest, northwest fest, and the best of the rest.

**the above image was a promotional design i did for a swell comic book store in the bay area called fantastic comics. i might have a t-shirt or two of it to sell this weekend but i am not 100% sure. if you really want to get one of these please pick one up from fantastic comics.

**i would like to let you good people on the internet know that i will be presenting myself and some books and prints tomorrow and sunday at the stumptown comics fest right here in sun-shiney portland, oregon. it’s probably the only show i am going to do this year.  come on by if you please.

Stumptown Comics Fest 2012

Oregon Convention Center – Portland, Oregon

Saturday, April 28th, 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

Sunday, April 29th, 12:00 noon – 6:00 pm

this year i will be on two panels on sunday, both in Room B116

2-2:45pm • The New Underground (moderated by jason leivian)


4-4:45pm • The Dreaded Deadline Doom (moderated by douglas wolk)

and i’d like to give special thanks to fellow comic booker indigo kelleigh for having me be part of the show.

** i know i haven’t been too consistent with these bloggings but i have been posting a new IWAH strip every friday on the on the study group comics site. have i mentioned that i really like all the other comics on there? well i am serious, dammit. there are some really good comics on there, all for free. It Will All Hurt is sort of a side story for stuff i couldn’t fit in the wrenchies. looser and cruddier than my normal style, it doesn’t take me too long to bust out and it’s a nice break from doing the more labor intensive work on prophet or the wrenchies. i feel it is also good for me to have a regular on-going web strip, good practice for when i actually set up a decent comics section on this website. eventually i’d like to have every stinking comic page i have ever done available on-line for free. i’ll get there eventually. for now this is at least me trying something.

**It seems my issue of prophet is getting a mostly positive response. thanks for all the good words put forth out there, guys. i really gave it my all. there are two issues between my issue #24 and the next issue am drawing. Since i had so much stuff going on brandon graham and giannis milonogiannis (who did the incredible cover to issue #24) were kind enough to get their issues done first. my next issue will be #27. and my story will pick up a couple months after the end of issue #24. having a different artist each handle their own prophet clone was pretty brilliant of brandon and simon roy. it has been super fun working on it and i will keep posting more about it. If you don’t know what the hell i am talking about there are some preview images up here on this fine site with amazing colors by the spectacular joseph bergin III.

**moebius passing a few weeks ago was hard i am sure for a lot of people. I was shaken up a bit by it myself. I am not much of an expert on ANY artist really, but more than anyone else he was someone who i looked up to as having it all sort of figured out. i heard the sad news not too long after i had drawn this page

i am pretty confessional generally so i have to point out that the middle panel was more than a little inspired by a moebius panel from Moebius Comics #1 (Caliber Comics 1996) from a story called, “Destiny x3”.

of course i don’t think my drawing even comes close to moebius’ awesomeness. most of the time i feel like a big phony when it comes to being a commercial artist but i don’t think that it’s a bad thing to stand on the shoulders giants as long as you are honest about it, like my direct rip-off of big john buscema for my strange tales piece and this drawing i did not too long ago.

which was very much inspired by a drawing from moebius‘ 40 days in the desert.

i have a copy of the original printing of that book i got in Angouleme over ten years ago for my mom. it is even signed to her. aw. incidentally the above drawing is one of the prints i will be selling at the stumptown comics show. if you don’t really know much about moebius and are planning on going to the stumptown show there is a moebius panel on sunday by some cool and handsome local experts from 12-1:45pm. it is called Quenched Consciousness: A Tribute to Jean “Moebius” Giraud. Ian MacEwan who is on the panel runs an amazing tumblr by the same name. tranquility base member and image comics author Joe Keatinge is moderating the panel. if i didn’t have to sit at my table at all on sunday i would be there.

**so the wrenchies, prophet and IWAH are three of the four irons i have in the proverbial fire right now as well as a random illo here and there i still owe people. the fourth iron i am picking away at and i will keep it a secret i until i have it a little closer to completion. there is still a bunch of art i have done over the past year that needs posting including a few commissions. speaking of such things i need to say that i can’t take anymore new commissions for the foreseeable future. i really appreciate people wanting me to do drawings for them, but it is vital for me to take the rest of this year trying to get these projects finished. here is a newish wrenchies page.

**i am a loyal follower to more than a couple of podcasts but i may have just found my new favorite. two of the best guys i know jim rugg and jasen lex have their own show called, tell me something i don’t know. there are three episodes up right now and i am the guest on the second one. i love hanging out with those guys and had a blast being on their show. i figured it would be really embarrassing hearing myself babble on about my b.s. life but i only cringed once or twice when i listened to it which counts as a win from where i am sitting.

**D.I.Y. MAGIC BY ANTHONY ALVARADO. this is a good looking book and quite a fascinating read.

it came out a few weeks/ months back and i have an illustration in it. floating world comics master jason leivian put the book out. 40 b&w illustrations, cover design by Lord Breaulove Swells Whimsy First edition letterpress silver foil cover limited to 1000 copies, 176 pages, 5″ x 8″, $13.95 Shipping $5.30 US, $11 INTL, $8 CANADA

Now available to order my illo in the book is in black and white but here is a color version for you to see.

i related to the chapter being somewhat of a luddite myself.

**jason leivian  also wrote this tcj article on matt brinkman‘s super fun cave evil game.  there is me doing some hard core gaming. i think i was the first to die.

** and lastly i thought i should tell you all there are only 4 or 5 days left on sparkplug’s campaign drive. sparkplug is one of my favorite publishers. if you felt so inclined throw in some ca$h so they can keep getting their wonderful books in front of people’s eyeballs and doing keep the good work.

thanks for reading this. i hope to see you at the show or in the funny books.

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