Farel Dalrymple is the creator of the comic series Proxima Centauri (Image comics 2018,)  IT WILL ALL HURT ( Image comics 2018), Pop Gun War: Chain Letter (2017 Image comics) and POP GUN WAR: GIFT (2016 Image comics, 2001 Dark Horse), The Wrenchies (First Second Books 2014), and Delusional (Adhouse, 2013). Farel was a co-founder and contributor to the comic anthology, Meathaus, and the artist on Palefire (Secret Acres, 2015) written by Mk Reed, Prophet (Image comics 2012) by Brandon Graham Omega the Unknown (Marvel Comics 2010) by Jonathan Lethem, Jenny Finn (Dark Horse 2018) by Troy Nixey and Mike Mignola, Caper (DC Comics 2003) by Judd Winick, and various other short stories and collaborative projects.


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  1. Dude i just picked up a copy of it will all hurt volume one at floating world and it is pretty amazing! i love your art style. i was kinda wondering, as someone who is interested in doing the kinds of indie comics you make, how you got into the business of it?

    • hey gideon, thanks a lot. i basically got into by just doing it and going to small press and indie comic shows and meeting and being inspired by others doing similar stuff. first step is just making the work and putting it out there at your own expense of time (via the free interent) or money (via printing it on paper.) once you make the stuff you are in the club.

  2. Hello!
    I’ve gone over It Will All Hurt too many times, forced Wrenchies upon all my friends and now I’m counting the days until Delusional arrives in my mail, and I just wanted to say a big, wholehearted Thank you.
    Your works are mindblowing and incredibly entertaining.
    Best of luck in all your present and future creative adventures!

  3. I’ve recently read most of your work, and I am quite impressed. You’re honestly my new favorite illustrator, and I admire your art style. After finishing The Wrenchies, IWAH, and your various other online shorts, however, I am left puzzled or, more accurately, intrigued. I’ve noticed several recurring symbols throughout your work such as the number 72, a pair of headphones emblazoned with a lightning bolt, a curious crow which is often referred to as Thaddeus, and nephilim which appear to be maybe an alien race. I also have picked up on the shadowsmen, and the flies which seem to represent a darkness. I understand your work is mostly allegorical with a tone seeped in what I feel is nostalgia whilst still remaining quite dark thematically, and I have not yet read Delusional or Pop Gun War, but if you could reveal some of the meaning behind it, that would be well appreciated by both me personally and the community gathered around your art.


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