it will all hurt 2 and linework NW


 Studygroup Comics just launched a pre-order Kickstarter campaign to publish my next issue of it will all hurt

and the amazing sam alden‘s beautiful web comic haunter

and the new issue of Studygroup Magazine # 3D incredible cover by the always spectacular jim rugg.

get into it.

and as you may know, zack soto, editor in chief at studygroup comics is also one of the organizers of  linework NW which is happening here in my home city of portland, oregon in just a few days at the norse hall (eye of odin and ymirs icy beard).

it will take place on Saturday, April 12, 2014, from 2:00pm–9:00pm at the Norse Hall in Portland, Oregon. Attendance is free and open to the public.

Opening Party, Reading Frenzy: Friday, April 11, 7:00pm. 
Linework NW, Norse Hall: Saturday, April 12, 2014 Time: Open to the Public: 2:00pm – 9:00pm
Closing Party, Em Space: Saturday, April 12, 9:00 pm.
Gridlords, Hollywood Theatre: Sunday, April 13, 7:00pm.

Linework NW is organized by Zack Soto & François Vigneault.

it will all hurt #2 will be debuting there.

Studygroup Kickstarter!





hope to see you at the show.


emerald city comic con 2014 and lots of other things

tomorrow and this weekend i will be at the emerald city comic con.

 i am trying to give this website business of mine a little facelift and have been getting a lot of help from some good people. thanks everyone who offered to help. once i have a little time away from trying to get my dark horse presents story underway i will be able to whip it into shape. i am trying to bust out some pages for my new dark horse presents story with chris stevens, but with everything else going on it has been hard to get in a good rhythm.  hopefully i can start busting more pages out at a faster rate. here is a sneak preview of the first panel.earfarmerpanel1

lately it feels like i have hardly any time to live a life let alone my sacred duty of getting comic book pages ‘arted out.  i really like this recent post by brandon graham. he talks a bit at the end about one of the most frustrating things of being a comics creator to me, never feeling like there is enough time to spend on drawing. i love what a positive outlook he has and his personal perspective on being an artist. he also mentions his and Robin McConnell’s upcoming ink studs tour. godspeed, you boys, godspeed.

here are some more recent developments in my la vida loca: my esteemed publisher,  first second just officially announced their fall releases and the wrenchies is on that list. i’m overcome with all sorts of emotions. yippee and yay. here’s a shot of the blue lines of the wrenchies coming in. very exciting times.

2014-03-20 02.44.07

this weekend is the emerald city comic con.

i am at table: M-01 next to the press gang booth.

here’s a sweet-ass poster brandon graham did for the con guide.

see little sinclair up in the left hand corner?  yay, sinclair. i need to get back to drawing that pop gun war again. please go to brandon’s site for a key to all these wonderful characters.


i ‘ll have copies of delusional to sell for the first time at ECCC.

here is a nice review of delusional. please go here to order copies from adhouse books.

i’ll also have some prints, original artwork, and copies of my first graphic novel style comic book, the now out-of-print pop gun war:gift. copies of it will all hurt number #1 will be available at the show  at the show.  issue number two was supposed to be ready for eccc but there was a printing delay so you will have to wait a couple weeks for linework, in my own town of portland oregon, where the issue is now debuting. i can’t figure out how to post videos on my posts but go here for this quick video of the first color pass of the covers being printed on my publisher zack soto’s risograph. here’s a jpg at least:


and here’s a an awesome jim woodring poster for linework:

if you are not in the portland area for linework (or even if you are) here is the studygroup kickstarter where you can pre-order your copy.

 and for those in the uk impossible books has copies of issue 1 and will hopefully get issue 2s at some point soon.

Pittsburgh Indy Comix Expo last weekend was a lot of fun.  here is a pic mister dirty danny hellman took of me and lex whooping it up.

thanks to copacetic comics and everyone else involved with putting the show on. i loved hanging out in pittsburgh, home to some of the best cartoonists doing their thing, jim rugg, ed piskor, tom scioli, jeremy baum, frank santoro, jasen lex. i love those guys. and it was cool seeing my delusional publisher, adhouse, chris pitzer there too as well as my old chum, john greiner and cartooning collabortor  jake kelly, and old portland pal theo ellsworth.  other notable apperances by tom williams,  mark zingarelli, mister fantagraphics himself gary groth, and oldschool measthauser rachel p masilamani. there was a bunch more people i got to hang with but my head is still spinning from the show. if i left anyone out i apologize. i will be beating myself up about from now until the next time i am in pittsburgh.

so here’s another neat and decent thing too: FAREL DALRYMPLE print contest from @trifectaE over at @13th_Dimension!

check it out if you want a spaceman print. i don’t have any left to sell. i just did this review recently on 13th dimension where i talked about 4 of my favorite recent  comics.  i have heard some negative talk recently about the state of comics. i like to complain about the world more than most people i know but it seems like even with all the horrible shit going on all over there are actually more great comics coming out all the time.  here are some other notable books i have read sort of recently:

2014-02-21 14.32.15 2014-02-21 14.32.39

john pham’s epoxy comics are some of the coolest art object comics i have ever read. this one really stands out as a risograph and filled with lots of neat-o things all packed in a pretty cool design container.the story is pretty amazing as well.

2014-02-21 14.33.23

life zone by simon hanselmann.  you can’t go wrong with this book from space face books 64 pages of insanity told in beautiful full color offset.

walrus by brandon graham i break it down a little more in this review. 

2014-02-21 14.34.07

blindspot number three by joseph remnant i also mention in the 13th dimension review .

backyard by sam aldan i first read on  his tumblr and liked it so much i bought a hard copy from sonatina comics. sam is also having a new book haunter coming out from my publisher studygroup comics.

2014-02-21 14.34.19

prophet, the ron wimberly issue shown here with image expo variant cover by brandon graham. i love ron’s art and storytelling. might be my favorite issue of prophet so far.

2014-02-21 14.36.31

speaking of favorite issues the newest issue of optic nerve (#13) is the best one i have read, and i have been a fan of adrian tomine for years.

i always like reading invincible summer and clutch splits. this issue i got at least years rose city comic con and went out read greg means cute girl network and nicole georges, calling doctor laura right after. dang good comic times.

2014-02-21 14.36.08


jason t miles newsprint love wins. no words or story but lots of luscious black ink drawings to zone out on. this is the real deal art mag by one of the raddest dudes in the comics biz.

a good friend of mine flowed me this copy of the last train to old town by kenan rubenstein. i  dig to highest degree this beautiful looking book. the cool design and limited color palette really make it pop. the story is right up my alley too and kind of ends in a cliffhanger. i can’t wait to read more.

  2014-02-21 14.35.31

hellboy in hell. i am so scarily into mike mignola. i have two hellboy tattoos. yikes. sorry mom. i go in more depth about the series this aforementioned review. 

 local oregon artist mark falkey makes this cool comic autofac. i get handed one of these every so often since moving here and every time i am blown away that there is someone making comics like this, original and arty science fiction dream like stories make this comic a truly enjoyable adventure for your truly.

thanks for looking at all this.

i hope to see y’all in the funny papers and maybe even on your computer device.

The Wrenchies in the LA Times

The Los Angeles Times just revealed the cover and some interior pages to my soon to be released 304-page comic book from First Second Books , The Wrenchies.


There is an interview on there as well as these other images from the book:

 stalwart meathaus-er and genuine cut-up chris mcd sent me a gangsta edition of the same interview.

seriously though , thanks very much to Hero Complex and Noelene Clark for all that.


it is gonna be a full year for me promoting  Delusional and The Wrenchies. here is a list of North American shows i will be appearing at in 2014:

March 22 PIX (Pittsburgh, PA)

March 28-30 Emerald City Comic Con (Seattle,WA)

April 12 Linework (Portland, Oregon)

May 9,10,11 TCAF (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

May 24 VanCAF- (Vancouver, BC, Canada)

May 29-31 BEA (NYC, NY)

June 20-22 HeroesCon, (Charolette, NC)

Sept 13 and 14 Small Press Expo (Bethesda, MD)

October 25 Locust Moon Fest  (Philadelphia, PA)

if you haven’t had a chance to pick up Delusional, my  232-page art and comics book,  and you can’t make it to any of those shows it is available on the Adhouse Books site.

arrow Download a PDF preview of delusional.

also Here is the Amazon page for delusional.

lostastronautlight i think the glow-in-the-dark silk screen of the delusional astronaut guy might be sold out but you can still get a big google kid print at trifecta editions.


aaaaaaaaand i recently finished part four of of my webcomic it will all hurt and started working on part five. you see the little tattoo on leon’s wrist? it spells IWAH.


please feel free to check out these links of note:

comics alliance talking up the wrenchies.

comics alliance talking up the joe casey project i am doing a little art for.

fun moebius doc with mike mignola talking some real good stuff near the end. jodorowski says he shits on america. hilarious.

and alan moore drops some real good science starting around 18:00

and this great tom spurgeon paul pope interview inspired the hell out of me. I especially liked the part where he talks about how to balance the promotional aspect of his career and actually getting pages done. something i struggle with all the time.

 there are also a bunch of my art including prophet pages up at the beguiling store if you were feeling like owning one or more of my originals.

 speaking of prophet this is the cover for the 3rd prophet trade that just came out from image comics.

you might be able to tell from the palette in this post i really like orange, gray, pink, and brown.

i also put a bunch of stuff up on my flikr recently. get into it.

Things to do in Canadian Vancouver

a little while back i did this alternate cover to deadly class (issue#1), a new book by rick remenderwesley craig, and legendary colorist Lee Loughridge. it is coming out from image comics and should be in stores by january 22nd.


 and speaking of remender, i just picked up his new book with mattaeo scalera and dean white, black science and was really impressed by it. cover image by the long admired andrew robinson.


 thanks to everyone who came out for my recent floating world comics delusional book release. it was great seeing all of you. so here’s a picture of some of my books and prints.

this and more pictures courtesy of the most excellent andrew on his prophet sharing tumblr. i have four pieces of original art on sale there at floating world until the end of the year in a few days.  go by the shop or contact  jason leivian for online purchasing. there are also a bunch of prints for sale and my sketchbooks are still there for perusal until new years.

There was a nice review of Delusional in last weeks portland mercury.

 i’ll be in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada for new years day, and the day after ( january 2nd that is) i will be signing books at

Lucky’s Comics, Books, and Gallery

972 Main Street ,Vancouver, BC

7pm to 9pm


2013 was a pretty decent year for me finishing up stuff. not only did i finally knock out the wrenchies for first second but i just wrapped up a young adult story i have been working on with mk reed and greg means. here is one action and swearing packed page from that 61-page story.


i also have about three weeks left of the current chapter of it will all hurt.

hopefully we will have parts 3 and 4 collected into a real comic by emerald city comic con which as you might have seen i am a special guest at. or by linework, a new local independent comic show here in portland in april 2014.

my plan now is to do a little more work on prophet, finishing that series up, then starting in january get to work my new regular gig, the ear farmer for dark horse presents. here is the as yet uncolored title page i did for that story with writer chris stevens.


and of course i will still be working on finishing up the next pop gun war too.

ok, maybe, if i am lucky, i’ll see you in canada.