Pop Gun War: Chain Letter – June 14 from Image Comics


Cartoonist Farel Dalrymple will release POP GUN WAR: CHAIN LETTER, a sequel to his award-winning and critically acclaimed urban fantasy graphic novel POP GUN WAR: GIFT, this June published by Image Comics.


Stuck in a small town with a broken-down van, Emily goes on a walk. After following some shady characters through subterranean tunnels, she discovers three video monitors showing stories from a magical present, dreamy past, and strange future.


POP GUN WAR: CHAIN LETTER (ISBN: 978-1-5343-0192-4, Diamond code: APR170849) arrives in comic book stores Wednesday, June 14th and bookstores Tuesday, June 20th. The final order cutoff deadline for comics retailers is Monday, May 8th.

POP GUN WAR: CHAIN LETTER is available for preorder via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Indiebound, and Indigo.

Direct Market release date: 6/14

Book Market release date: 6/20

 Retail price: $19.99

Select praise for POP GUN WAR:


“POP GUN WAR is not simply beautiful drawings, but drawings with gravity—grounded in a melancholy urban tangle. POP GUN WAR is not simply a beautiful story, but a story that defies gravity—elevating its characters and readers alike.” —Craig Thompson (Blankets)


“An extraordinarily beautiful tale filled with mysticism and dreams, set in the one place where inspiration is needed the most: our own dark and gritty reality.” —Tyler Chin-Tanner, Broken Frontier


“Dalrymple’s scratchy pen-and-ink style is somehow hyperreal in its depiction of race, class, and eccentric humanity. The whole thing defies description, but the blurb isn’t really the point: it’s a sympathetic, dreamlike trip into the heart of a city, witnessed through the eyes of a child.” —Ross Johnson, Barnes & Noble’s Sci-fi/Fantasy Blog


“Reading a Farel Dalrymple comic provides the sensation of being guided through a dream, where a little girl in the city can find a self-help book written by a wizard, or where a robot rubs shoulders with a talking cat and a shapeshifter; where the stories and art carry me through worlds that linger, that ask for exploration.” —Women Write About Comics


“Farel Dalrymple is the finest young draftsman to quietly sidle into comics in a long time—and one of the field’s most unique storytellers. This surreal, disquieting, and penetrating fable is spun from a personal vision the like of which you haven’t seen before. Set your preconceptions aside, put on your wings, and leap…over the edge.” —Walter Simonson (The Mighty Thor, Ragnarok)

pop gun war: gift new edition in stores now from IMAGE comics



From atomik pop in Oklahoma City- “the new Image Comics edition of Farel Dalrymple‘s book of sequential wonderment is out today with what appears to be newly colored pages in farel’s usual command a watercolor palette.”

POP GUN WAR: GIFT (ISBN 978-1-63215-773-7) in comic book stores Wednesday, May 11th, and bookstores Tuesday, May 17th, and is available for $14.99

It can be ordered by retailers with Diamond code MAR160645.

POP GUN WAR is about childhood, self-discovery, oppression, guilt, dreams, loneliness, whatever, and an inner city boy named Sinclair, who discovers a pair of discarded angel wings. With these wings, Sinclair flies around the city and gets into adventures.


Story By: Farel Dalrymple
Art By: Farel Dalrymple
Cover By: Farel Dalrymple
Published: May 11, 2016, IMAGE comics
Diamond ID: MAR160645
Digital : $11.99 Print: $14.99

– See more at: imagecomics.com

emerald city comic con 2016 and IT WILL ALL HURT slipcase exclusive

debuting at this show will be the slipcase for all three issues of it will all hurt.
$30 for the slipcase, all three books, stickers, and a print. 
here’s some pics of the slipcase and iwah comics via studygroup comics. order it online.
the slipcase sets are available worldwide from STUDYGROUP COMICS. 
Emerald City Comicon is in the Washington State Convention Center, 800 Convention Pl, Seattle, WA 98101.
my table number is Y-01 in artists alley sitting with brandon graham and company.
the show is Thursday, April 7 through Sunday, April 10 2016,
i’m probably getting in a little late on thursday but i will be there most of the floor hours:
Thursday, April 7: 2:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Friday, April 8: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Saturday, April 9: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Sunday, April 10: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

i will mostly be hunched over sketching in people’s copies of Palefire, the Wrenchies, and It Will All Hurt, signing and drawing on Island magazines and Prophets.
i will be available for a couple small commissions a day (or i get it to you the next day), black and white. see me at the show for price but it would be limited to one character with no background.

on sunday, Apr 10, 2016, 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM in room T305 i will be part of the panel
Shaping Space and Time In Comics: Brandon Graham, David Brothers, Farel Dalrymple and Sloane Leong talk about manipulating narrative time and space on the page through paneling styles, drawing styles, narration, staging and pacing.

i’ll also have some low priced original art at my table as well as some more expensive stuff like this:

OUATM II title page-ink and watercolor on watercolor paper (18″x24″)onceupon2rawsmallfarel

pgw:gift image cover. ink and some pencil on watercolor paper. two pages 11 x 17″ selling as one piece.pgwcoverraw

Island magazine #3 back cover mixed media on masonite. 8″ x10″islandbackcoverraw

pop gun war: chain letter pages-various sizes watercolor and ink and pencil on watercolor paperpgwchainletter080and081cmyk600

i have more no wrenchies pages left for sale in my possession. for purchasing those as well as a lot of other stuff including  some grant morrison pages please go to the beguiling.com, my original art sales dealer. here are stuff they have for serious collectors.

Wrenchies - Sherwood Preliminary illustration
Wrenchies – Sherwood Preliminary illustration
It Will Always Hurt #3 - Cover Illustration
It Will Always Hurt #3 – Cover Illustration
Quarter Moon - Cat Comic
Quarter Moon – Cat Comic
Thought Bubble Comic Page 2015 - w Rick Remender
Thought Bubble Comic Page 2015 – w Rick Remender
Prometheus - 3 Page Set - w Grant Morrison
Prometheus – 3 Page Set – w Grant Morrison
Palefire Cover Art
Palefire Cover Art

this will probably be the only con i am doing this year.  i need to be focusing on getting my pop gun war: chainletter comic for island comics magazine,  finished by the fall.

after this show i will be moving away from the city of portland, going to the midwest for the summer then who knows? i am having a going away party/art show at red flag in portland on the 12th. i will post more info on that soon.

for now though the biggest help anyone could give me is going to their local bookseller and requesting the new image version of

POP GUN WAR: GIFT (ISBN 978-1-63215-773-7) in comic book stores Wednesday, May 11th, and bookstores Tuesday, May 17th, and will be available for $14.99 from IMAGE comics Diamond code MAR160645.

It can be preordered now on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Indiebound, and Indigo.
thanks y’all