TCAF represent.

tcaf is this weekend in toronto, canada. it is free and an amazing show that i am sad i wasn’t able to attend but i will be represented there by some of my wonderful publishers:


study group comics exhibiting at table # 111. visit with Jason Leivian (Floating World Comics) and François Vigneault (Study Group Comics) they have the first two issues of my book, it will all hurt, and some other good stuff like titan, haunter, and Bartkira.



adhouse exhibiting at table #202. go pick up a copy of my art and comics book, delusional from chris pitzer upstairs.



right next door is Tugboat Press exhibiting at table #203. i believe greg means still has copies of the 6-page full color story, pangs i made with mk reed.



and lastly go say hi to the wrenchies publisher, first second books -exhibiting at table #151. there might be an advance copy of the wrenchies at the table. if nothing else they should have the new fall catalogue with an image or two from the wrenchies in there.



and just for fun here is a pin-up i did for bob fingerman’s excellent comic minimum wage (issue #5). out from image comics on the 14th.

b c n u.


the wrenchies are here this september 2014

yes! i just re-blogged this from the first second blog:

New Book: Farel Dalrymple’s The Wrenchies

originally posted by: Gina Gagliano

We just got in super-advanced finished copies of Farel Dalrymple’s upcoming graphic novel, The Wrenchies.  (They are even earlier than we thought they would appear, so this is like a special treat.)

You guys, this book is going to be crazy and awesome.


The cover.

(These are not kids I would like to meet in the course of my everyday life.)


And the spine.  This book is very large, you guys.


Lots of covers all lined up!  This will make a substantial contribution to your bookshelf inches.  Also: swords!


The inside front cover.


(That’s got to be a good lead-in for any book, right?)


And, insides!  This book is printed on a matte stock, and Farel’s art looks just fantastic.


More insides, this time with another one of our main characters, Hollis.

(Also, kids playing with knives, which we only approve of fictionally.)


Villains!  Got to love them.


The inside back cover, with copyright information!  Author bio!  Back flap!  All sorts of delightful things.


And the back cover.


I’m just going to end with a close-up on this quote, because it’s pretty fantastic.  I’d like this quote on all the books we publish, please.


The Wrenchies comes out in September; it’ll debut at SPX.  We can’t wait!


music notes and 3 weeks until vancaf 2014

if you still haven’t gotten a copy of  my art and comics book  Delusional, my publisher adhouse is having a big sale from now until the end of may. lots of other good stuff for sale on there too.

the studygroup kickstarter campaign was super successful. thanks everyone who ordered a copy of it will all hurt #2. also thanks to my publisher zack soto and all the people involved with the  linework show which went off without a hitch. i am still plugging away on new panels and putting them up for free reads on (almost every week)

and here’s an update about the studygroup kickstarter and a video of it will all hurt issue 2 coming off the saddle-stitcher. make sure you turn the volume down. the machine is a little loud.

i can’t rightly remember who was asking me at  emerald city comic con but here are the song listings from my 2007 inkstuds radio interview with my good pal Robin McConnell and the most excellent Jordyn F. Bochon:

1.when you sleep by My Bloody Valentine -off their classic album, loveless:

2. from the bright lights -I Have Feelings That I Haven’t Had For a While.

3. Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti — interesting results from the album, house arrest

4. two black lanes by sailboats (Liam Baranauskas)

i had just woken up from the phone ringing for the interview. i remember trying really hard to sound like i wasn’t half asleep. upon the re-listen it doesn’t seem like i succeeded. it’s funny listening to something that old and hearing how off i was with my imagined timeline for my future projects. i barely mention the wrenchies but i say something about how hard it was trying to write it. still got a ways to go on the second pop gun war book.


this image was from my ink studs mix tape from a few years back.  i made it so you can print it out and cut it to fit in a cassette tape case. i’ll be hanging with mister ink studs mcconnell and some other fine Canadians in a few weeks at  VanCAF - (May 24, Vancouver, BC, Canada).

lastly, the same weekend as vancaf i will have some artwork exhibited and books for sale at Trifecta Editions  inaugural arts and culture event, Trifecta: Year One, at Boston’s Fourth Wall Project May 22–25, 2014.
For more info:




it will all hurt 2 and linework NW


 Studygroup Comics just launched a pre-order Kickstarter campaign to publish my next issue of it will all hurt

and the amazing sam alden‘s beautiful web comic haunter

and the new issue of Studygroup Magazine # 3D incredible cover by the always spectacular jim rugg.

get into it.

and as you may know, zack soto, editor in chief at studygroup comics is also one of the organizers of  linework NW which is happening here in my home city of portland, oregon in just a few days at the norse hall (eye of odin and ymirs icy beard).

it will take place on Saturday, April 12, 2014, from 2:00pm–9:00pm at the Norse Hall in Portland, Oregon. Attendance is free and open to the public.

Opening Party, Reading Frenzy: Friday, April 11, 7:00pm. 
Linework NW, Norse Hall: Saturday, April 12, 2014 Time: Open to the Public: 2:00pm – 9:00pm
Closing Party, Em Space: Saturday, April 12, 9:00 pm.
Gridlords, Hollywood Theatre: Sunday, April 13, 7:00pm.

Linework NW is organized by Zack Soto & François Vigneault.

it will all hurt #2 will be debuting there.

Studygroup Kickstarter!





hope to see you at the show.