Sept. 16th 2014, The Wrenchies from First Second Books debuting at the Small Press Expo

The Wrenchies by Farel Dalrymple

Publisher: First Second Books 
Pages: 304
Price : $19.99
Publication Date: September 16, 2014 (debuting at the Small Press Expo in Bethesda, Maryland )
ISBN : 978-1-59643-421-9
Category: Fiction




At BEA in the month of last May i was asked more than once what audience and age i was intending this book for. It was never my intention for this to be a children’s book though I am not opposed to children of a reasonable age reading it with their parent or guardians full awareness of it’s subject matter and dark tone.


So let’s say i made it for people who like psychedelic metaphysical wackiness and existential horror.


I also made this book for the outcasts, the misfits, the screw-ups, the deluded, the desperate and confused, the obsessives, the braniacs, the freaks, spazzoids, the burnouts, punk rockers, heshers and metal heads, the conspiracy nuts and free thinkers, the disturbed, the deranged, the degenerates, the broken and socially awkward, the shamens and clerics and misanthropic wizard warriors and ultimate fighting champions of this dark and dreary world.


I created the Wrenchies for the misunderstood, the marginalized,  the frustrated and fitfully unsatisfied, for people who like trippy fantasy and challenging storytelling and for people who never even read comics. I also mainly made this book for me.


So fair warning, there is a lot of swearing and gory violence and drug use and just general grossness in The Wrenchies.


I know this book is a weird one, and will probably offend more than one person,  and I am most grateful to my publisher for believing in me and taking a chance on such an odd comic book story.

I really like the review Kirkus gave the book:

“Children must fight a complicated evil in this dark, disturbing sci-fi tale.

… full of reaching sci-fi leaps into other times and dimensions, creating a brain-aching nonlinear plot. … beautiful, dreamy and nightmarishly violent. Think of this as an insidiously macabre Coraline-esque tale meets Charles Burns. 

Morbid and discomfiting; not for the faint of heart, but what a ride for those who go with the flow.


Here’s what some creators I deeply admire and respect are saying about the Wrenchies:

  • “Incredible. A deeply personal epic…a book that calls for re-readings.” — Craig Thompson (Blankets, Habibi)
  • “AMAZING. Beautiful drawing and painting, great characters–it’s pretty much everything I could want a graphic novel to be.” –Mike Mignola, (Hellboy)
  • “I’ve been a very enthusiastic admirer of Farel Dalrymple from the first moment I was introduced to his wonderful work.  Now here comes his most epic work with THE WRENCHIES!  This book is a stunning and original piece of work.  The characters are richly authentic and their world is simultaneously exciting and horrific, filled with hauntingly beautiful detail.  THE WRENCHIES is a masterpiece that will knock yer socks off!” –Michael Allred (Madman, Silver Surfer, The Atomics, Red Rocket 7)
  • “Tremendously masterful, as to be expected of Farel Dalrymple. A work of art with fevered imagination and lush nightmares that should haunt every reader.”–J H Williams III (Sandman, Batwoman, Promethea)

  • “The Wrenchies is no soft re-imagining of sci-fi tropes, Farel has created his own absolutely-fetching world. If you are not sucked in you have mediocre taste.”  –Nick Bertozzi (Rubber Necker, Persimmon Cup)
  • “The years of love dumped into The Wrenchies is apparent on every page, every panel a work of high art. Lush worlds and fascinating characters drenched in originality and childhood nostalgia. The story is heartfelt, wildly imaginative and engrossing as Farel achieves something all too often lost in comics–pure fun. The Wrenchies is a game changer. I couldn’t love anything more.” –Rick Remender (Black Science, Deadly Class)



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  • CCS (Vermont), 9/11
  • SPX (Bethesda, MD), 9/13 – 14
  • Politics & Prose GN Panel (Washington, DC), 9/14, 5pm
  • Locust Moon Event (Philadelphia, PA), 9/16 7:30pm
  • Greenlight (Brooklyn), 9/17
  • Million Year Picnic (Boston), 9/18 5:00pm
  • Brooklyn Book Festival, 9/21
  • Floating World Comics (Portland, OR), 9/24, 5pm
  • Powell’s Art Exhibit (up through October), 10/1
  • Powell’s First Thursday Reception (Portland, OR), 10/2
  • Elliot Bay bookstore (Seattle) 10/3 7pm
  • Locust Moon Fest, 10/25
  • The Miami Book Fair, (Miami, FL) NOV 21st – 23rd
  • more to come on the west coast and midwest


VanCAF, Fourth Wall Project, and Book Expo America, how are you?


VanCAF is in just a few days. I am getting on a train to BC in a couple hours.

The show info: May 24-25 2014 Sat. 10am-6pm Sun. 11am-5pm at 181 Roundhouse Mews Vancouver, BC

it is free to all.

here is a floor map and exhibitor placement. it looks like i am table A7 straight at the back of the room. right next to Brandon Graham and the gang.

speaking of brandon, i just found this old okaki drawing by him of my character from pop gun war, sinclair: sinclair brandonokaki

i’ll be signing copies of delusional there, it will all hurt#1 and advance copies of it will all hurt #2. i’m also bringing a bunch of original art including iwah pages, omega the unknown pages, and the 3rd prophet trade cover.

here’s a not so great pic of it from ECCC:tumblr_inline_n3e2m6e4Zc1r4k844

and here is a picture of spidurmin commission i did at Emerald city as well:spideyeccccommiss

also this weekend on the other coast of north america is a show in boston that i will have a few original pages from the wrenchies exhibited at: Trifecta: Year One! Part of Boston’s Fourth Wall Project May 22–25. Year One is a free four-day event filled with programming from Trifecta Editions and artists they have worked with in their first year as a print collective.

The exhibition roster includes artists: 
Greg Lamarche (SP.ONE)Nick ZarembaMatt ZarembaKhaldoun HijazinFaye OrloveBrian ButlerDavid Buckley BordenGupi RanganathanFarel Dalrymple,Edie BreslerCyrille ConanMasha Ryskin and Michele L’Heureux.

 More information and a detailed schedule is available on their website.

with all the wrenchies promotion and stuff i haven’t been as productive as i would like, but i did finally finish my little nemo pages for the upcoming nemo tribute book from Locust Moon. i am not supposed to share my pages yet but here is an unfinished snippet:nemosnipflip

as soon as i get back from vancouver,  i am jumping on a plane for New York city and BEA-the Book Expo of America. 

 even though i lived in new york for 8 years i have never been to BEA before. i am looking forward to seeing the old city and hanging with old friends and my fine publisher, First Second, and signing advance wrenchies copies of my book. i still haven’t seen the book yet myself but i am getting pumped y’all. here are the couple things i am scheduled for:

Thursday, May 29th-Event Panel: The Best in Fall 2014 Graphic Novels**Time: 4:00pm – 5:00pm

Address: The Javits Center (34th Avenue and 11th) / Uptown Stage

Friday, May 30th-Event-Signing: BEA Author Autographing **Time: 11:00am – 12:00pm

Address: The Javits Center (34th and 11th) / Autographing Area Table #22

 and lastly somewhat sad news, i had to cancel going to heroes con this year. sorry, i hate having to go back on my commitment but i just couldn’t make it happen this time. hopefully next year.

sooooo maybe i’ll catch y’all on a coast?deerandy

TCAF represent.

tcaf is this weekend in toronto, canada. it is free and an amazing show that i am sad i wasn’t able to attend but i will be represented there by some of my wonderful publishers:


study group comics exhibiting at table # 111. visit with Jason Leivian (Floating World Comics) and François Vigneault (Study Group Comics) they have the first two issues of my book, it will all hurt, and some other good stuff like titan, haunter, and Bartkira.



adhouse exhibiting at table #202. go pick up a copy of my art and comics book, delusional from chris pitzer upstairs.



right next door is Tugboat Press exhibiting at table #203. i believe greg means still has copies of the 6-page full color story, pangs i made with mk reed.



and lastly go say hi to the wrenchies publisher, first second books -exhibiting at table #151. there might be an advance copy of the wrenchies at the table. if nothing else they should have the new fall catalogue with an image or two from the wrenchies in there.



and just for fun here is a pin-up i did for bob fingerman’s excellent comic minimum wage (issue #5). out from image comics on the 14th.

b c n u.


the wrenchies are here this september 2014

yes! i just re-blogged this from the first second blog:

New Book: Farel Dalrymple’s The Wrenchies

originally posted by: Gina Gagliano

We just got in super-advanced finished copies of Farel Dalrymple’s upcoming graphic novel, The Wrenchies.  (They are even earlier than we thought they would appear, so this is like a special treat.)

You guys, this book is going to be crazy and awesome.


The cover.

(These are not kids I would like to meet in the course of my everyday life.)


And the spine.  This book is very large, you guys.


Lots of covers all lined up!  This will make a substantial contribution to your bookshelf inches.  Also: swords!


The inside front cover.


(That’s got to be a good lead-in for any book, right?)


And, insides!  This book is printed on a matte stock, and Farel’s art looks just fantastic.


More insides, this time with another one of our main characters, Hollis.

(Also, kids playing with knives, which we only approve of fictionally.)


Villains!  Got to love them.


The inside back cover, with copyright information!  Author bio!  Back flap!  All sorts of delightful things.


And the back cover.


I’m just going to end with a close-up on this quote, because it’s pretty fantastic.  I’d like this quote on all the books we publish, please.


The Wrenchies comes out in September; it’ll debut at SPX.  We can’t wait!