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linework NW

below is from the ad in the Portland Mercury. and features art by one of the best cartooners in the world, daniel clowes who will be debuting his enormous complete eightball collection there.

for my part i should be debuting it will all hurt #3 there too. hopefully it will be ready in time for the show as i finished the comic right under the wire. you can read the entire IT WILL ALL HURT for free on

APRIL 18 + 19, 2015-Linework NW is a unique two-day event, with a different line up of exhibitors on each day. Don’t forget to come on both Saturday and Sunday to see the full range of creators, exhibitors, and publishers showing at the festival!


Adhouse Books
Alternative Comics
Dark Horse Comics
Fantagraphics Books
Oni Press
Periscope Studios
Telegraph Gallery



Lisa Hanawalt
Jay Howell



Daniel Clowes
Lisa Congdon

linework is a two-day show this year but i will only be tabling on SATURDAY, APRIL 18. but i will be walking around and possibly participating in panels on sunday as well as be available to sign it will all hurts from the press gang/studygroup table. here is the exhibitor list for both days.

facebook event page for linework

AND just to reiterate, it will all hurt is being carried by diamond comic distributors. for issue two: APRIL PRE-ORDERS DUE APRIL 22, and issue #3 will be in the May previews under alternative comics.  orders have been pretty good so far. thanks to people bugging their local comic shop and thanks to comic retailers for taking a chance on such an outlier, and thanks to   for the really nice beat article on it will all hurt.

 here’s a handy pamphlet Marc Arsenault made to promote studygroup’s April & May books. and here is the cover to issue #3 in case you missed last months post.


APRIL 15, 2015. running concurrent with linework the wrenchies pages will be on display all month at tiny’s on MLK not too far from the linework venue the norse hall where i am sharing wall space with one of my best buddies gabriel taylor. there is even a bigger collaborative painting by gabriel and i. here is a older and rawer grainy photo version of it:


the reception is this wednesday, the 15th of april, 2015. there will be beer and coffee and food available for purchase. as well as some art to look at. i am not selling any more of the wrenchies pages i still have on my person but the beguling has a bunch for sale if you were interested. i have spent a lot of time in this coffee shop working on my comics over the years and is one of the first places i went to when i first moved to town. there is also a sold out electric wizard show that eve at the hawthorne theatre, which is very fitting as i thanked them in the wrenchies for helping me get that book done. fyi i am just a fan of their music and have no relation or attachment to any of the actual guys in the band.

here’s a couple pics taken by the incredible artist steve lieber


also there is now a facebook page for the wrenchies. please go to that and “like” it if you are into that sort of thing.

and don’t forget about earth day on the 22nd. so try not to use gas or buy anything wrapped in plastic or something.

friday @ 7:30 pm!


DIY Magic: A Strange and Whimsical Guide to Creativity by Anthony Alvarado

the author of this excellent book Anthony Alvarado will be talking about it along with me and a couple of amazing local artists local artists: Eric Mast (aka E*Rock), and Jennifer Parks at Powell’s City of Books 1005 W Burnside St. between 10th and 11th Ave.Portland,OR503 228 4651

here’s a color and somewhat tweaked version of my illo i did for the book:

be seeing you

Emerald City Comic Con and Seattle festivities 2015

TheFightbance gif animation by randomblink.

 the wrenchies got on booklists top ten graphic novels for youth and is coming out in spanish this year and french in january of next year.

but in just a couple days from i will be at the seattle comic book mega media show, Emerald City Comic Con at table DD-12


i’ll be in the same area as a bunch of fellow image comics, prophet, and island folks.  this will be the first time The Wrenchies will be at ECCC and i would love to do a drawing in your copy.  i will have some original art, copies of Delusional and it will all hurt as well as the new and last prophet trade (#4) that just came out on my birthday, march 18.  here is the cool cover by james stokoe.


 ****seattle party opportunities****

if you are in the seattle area this weekend and even if you are not going to ECCC, you can still come to:

 arcane comics  2015 Comic Book All-Star Party! 

The festivities begin around 6pm on Thursday March 26th. Superbash Guest List: Nick BarberEd Brisson , Johnny Christmas , Shari Chankhama ,Brian Churilla ,Wes CraigFarel Dalrymple , Justin GreenwoodAntony JohnstonLukas Ketner, Ed Luce ,Andrew MacLean ,Paul Maybury ,Michael Moreci ,Ed Piskor ,Nick Pitarra ,Fabian Rangel Jr. ,Matt Rosenberg ,Riley Rossmo ,Simon Roy ,Chris Sebela ,Brandon Seifert , Matt Southworth ,Kurtis Wiebe ,Alexis ZirittDamon Gentry , Matt Pizzolo ,and more……………!!!


the one page comic show. also to coincide with ECCC on friday March 27th starting at 6pm. i have a page (from tugboat press’ soon to be released runner runner book) displayed at the Roq La Rue Gallery (532 1st Ave S. Seattle, WA 98104).  i dig that gallery and feel pretty honored to have been able to contribute to the show. here is the poster by syd bee  and a couple preview panels from my comic page:

One Page Party advertmeeopSRUN

***i have had some inquiries about wrenchies pages for sale. please go to my art dealer— to inquire about pages. they have all the pages that are currently for sale.

***sadly, i had to put the brakes on doing the earfarmer and going to tcaf this year.  i really need to focus on finishing  it will all hurt  and even more importantly pop gun war: chain letter which is a project i have been working on now for about the last ten years or so and will be running in the pages of the new image anthology, ISLAND this fall.


***after three years or more, it will all hurt is finally wrapping up. as of this post i just have one more installment which should post while i am at ECCC. then issue #3 (the final ish) should be out by linework NW in april. but you can read the enitre ding dong thing on-line at

***attn: comic book stores and patrons**** please order studygroup books from alternative comics.

the first issue is in this months previews, and issue 2 and 3 will follow each successive month. so please kindly request your retailers to order copies to sell at their store. here’s a handy pamphlet Marc Arsenault made to promote studygroup’s April & May books.  but again you can read the enitre IWAH on-line at and here is the cover to issue #3


***linework NW is coming up fast. did i mention daniel clowes will be there debuting his new big eightball collection?

***here is a video where i babble for a while at scad. thanks to John Lowe and all the good people at the savannah college of art and design for having me out there for their comic art conference. it was an amazing time.

***and lastly there is this kickstarter for shaman, a completed comic graphic novel i did a cover for. it is a pretty great and fun mystic superhero comic that deserves to be published.

here’s the cover again. ttfn.


Island, Little Nemo, IT WILL ALL HURT, best of 2014 lists, and the Earfarmer 2015


this is a little promo thing  i made for ISLAND, the upcoming image comics anthology.

Island, from Image Comics, a magazine anthology edited by Brandon Graham and featuring a rotating collection of creators inspired by Heavy Metal and Raw  magazine.

coming up this thursday in downtown portland, oregon at FLOATING WORLD COMICS me and the one of the best dudes i know craig thompson will be signing some copies of little nemo: dream a little dream. here is the facebook event page for it. craig’s and my own original pages will be hanging in there too, and jason said he making some nice prints of the art. not trying to brag but this book, at the full size of the original Little Nemo broadsheet pages (16″ x 21″), is really a beautiful sight to behold.  after seeing it in person for the first time i was stunned by how good it looks. so not reduce it specialness for people that buy one (it is kind of pricey) i was asked to not post my entire pages on the internet. but here are some “special features” or whatever for my two pages:


this is a not so great picture of the inked version and then the print ready watercolored colored version on the right.


and this was a photo i took mid-process. i almost like it better in this half finished state. i need to figure out how to simplify my coloring style or something. observe the fairy on the left of the page. i had to cut her and the little flip i drew on the original so as to keep the proportions consistent with the original broadsheet size with border and trim and bleed and all that.  i measured the art dimensions from the sunday press nemo book and did them at the exact size, but the bristol paper i was working on was bigger and i added them without realizing they wouldn’t fit in the book. here are the scanned and cleaned up versions:


across both “page”? maybe it is was a good thing they got cut.


here is another shot of a partly inked panel and then finished watercolor and cleaned up version. i tried to put as much stuff from the old strip in my pages as i could fit. i think half the artists in the book drew that turkey swallowing the house. 


this is a Raphaël Kolinsky brush if you are interested. i was told that there is a distinction between a Sable and a kolinsky but either way i feel bad little animals had to die for me to make comics.  and then there was another mess-up on my part that isn’t that bad but unfortunately made it into the printed version.

messup on the dedication at the bottom i drew the brush i make comics with but in the printed version i accidentally had the brush blacked out in photoshop. no big deal as it is so small but it still stings a little. just one of those things.


i also have been doing a little more on iT wILL aLL hURT,  wrapping up part 6, the final chapter of IWAH. Poor little Robot Tod is getting all scrambled up this chapter. Studygroup Comics and I are going to try to have that issue three out for the upcoming Linework NW show. after that all three issues collecting all six chapters should be at your local comics shops.

 after giving it a while to sink in i think the comic book/graphic novel i read last year that hit me the hardest was probably Beautiful Darkness by Fabien Vehlmann and Kerascoët.  so many great books came out this year still trying to plow through the stacks. listed below are my favorite (whatever that’s worth) best of 2014 comics LISTS. i am a little biased because i mostly just looked at lists the wrenchies were on, all except one of  the few blogs i look at often, comics and cola, but i like pretty much all the other books mentioned and i feel like these all give a pretty good coverage of most of the stuff i have read or want to read soon:

the onion AV club best comics of 2014

vice magazine top eleven comics of 2014 best comics of 2014

good ok bad best comics 2014

this is infamous 20 best-comics of 2014

broken frontier best of 2014

Floating World Comics (lcs) sales report for 2014

comics and cola best of 2014


” kill the enchantments with our understanding and satisfaction.”

that is a line my buddy josh o’neil wrote in the best run down of the wrenchies i have read and probably will ever read.

 this year is back to the drawing board for me. i will spend the rest of the year working on:

* POp Gun War: chain letter coming out in new image anthology Island

*last chapter of  iT wILL aLL hURT on studygroup comics


and finally here are some (hopefully all) appearances i will be doing this year:

*ECCC-emerald city comic con, Seattle , WA-3/27-3/29

*Linework NW-Portland, OR 4/18 and 4/19

*VanCAF-Vancouver Comic Arts Fest, Vancouver, BC, CANADA 5/23-4/25

*SPX-The Small Press Expo, Bethesda, MD . Sept. 19-20

*Thought bubble UK, Leeds- november

cover mash up of the wrenchies and iT wILL aLL hURT #2


THE WRENCHIES Tour continues: CALA and more West Coast action

guess who made the NPR list of best books of 2014?

i regret having to cancel my colorado dates, but i made this little graphic for Time Warp Comics in Boulder, and hopefully i can re-schedule in 2015. i also made this phoenix image while i was in tulsa for the book end at the phoenix.


get in on the last leg of the Wrenchies tour 2014.

12/4-SAN DIEGO Mysterious Galaxy
Thursday, December 4th-2014, at 7:30 pm.
  • Mysterious Galaxy Facebook Event page.
  • Mysterious Galaxy~7051 Clairemont Mesa Blvd., Suite #302, San Diego, CA 92111
12/6-LOS ANGELES –Comic Arts Los Angeles (CALA) 2014
Saturday, December 6th from 10 am to 6pm (FREE to all!)

Official CALA Poster art by Sophia Foster-Dimino

12/10-BERKELY, CA  Fantastic Comics

Wednesday, December 10, 11am to 2pm, Fantastic Comics- 2026 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, CA 94704-(510) 848-2988


12/12-SAN FRANCISCO, CAMission Comics
Friday, December 12 at 5:00pm at Mission comics-3520 20th St. Suite B, San Francisco, CA 94110-Ph. # 415-695-1545,
back up to Portland for a day or so then i’ll be hanging out at these things:
12/17-PORTLAND, ORTiger Lung release party with Simon Roy at Floating World Comics
12/18-PORTLAND, ORTsepesch and Young Hunter at the world famous Kenton Club
12/19- SEATTLE, WA– ARCANE COMICS (with the lovable and brilliant PROPHET artist, simon roy.)
and then merry christmas. see you in 2015
for anyone interested in obtaining a copy of the New York Times Bestselling comic book, The Wrenchies:
The Wrenchies and all First Second  :01 books are available directly through Macmillan and any book market distributor like Baker And Taylor.
The Wrenchies is available on amazon and amazon UK
The Wrenchies is available in Canada through Raincoast, and in the UK through Melia.
The Wrenchies is available on itunes and google ebook as well.
Read Remainder, a short story from the world of  The Wrenchies on
for all original wrenchies art inquiries please go to the beguiling or contact them directly 
i currently have three serialized projects in the works:
1. the earfarmer (with chris stevens) in DHP in 2015
2.pop gun war: chain letter in Brandon Graham‘s ISLAND anthology in 2015
3. IT WILL ALL HURT-my nearly completed and often befuddling webcomic. order copies of the book at studygroup comics.
(retailers please use tony shenton).
i need to focus on getting pages finished so i am not taking on any new jobs or commissions for the foreseeable future.
for materials used and other faq please got to the bio and  info page.

The Wrenchies by Farel Dalrymple [9781596434219] $19.99, September 2014


  • “Incredible. A deeply personal epic…a book that calls for rereadings.” — Craig Thompson
  • “AMAZING. Beautiful drawing and painting, great characters–it’s pretty much everything I could want a graphic novel to be.” –Mike Mignola, author of Hellboy
  • “I’ve been a very enthusiastic admirer of Farel Dalrymple from the first moment I was introduced to his wonderful work.  Now here comes his most epic work with The Wrenchies!  This book is a stunning and original piece of work.  The characters are richly authentic and their world is simultaneously exciting and horrific, filled with hauntingly beautiful detail.  The Wrenchies is a masterpiece that will knock your socks off!” –Michael Allred, Madman
  • “Tremendously masterful, as to be expected of Farel Dalrymple. A work of art with fevered imagination and lush nightmares that should haunt every reader.” — JH Williams III (Sandman, Batwoman, Promethea)
  • “In Farel Dalrymple’s The Wrenchies, the most beautifully strange voice in comics sings its greatest song.” – Nick Bertozzi
  • “The years of love dumped into The Wrenchies is apparent on every page, every panel a work of high art. Lush worlds and fascinating characters drenched in originality and childhood nostalgia. The story is heartfelt, wildly imaginative and engrossing as Farel achieves something all too often lost in comics — pure fun. The Wrenchies is a game changer. I couldn’t love anything more.” –Rick Remender, Black Science


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Awards & Honors:

  • An Best Comic/Graphic Novel of the Year [list]
  • PW Best Book of 2014 [read it]

Best-Seller Lists:

  • New York Times PB GN Best-Seller, 10/5, #6
  • New York Times PB GN Best-Seller, 9/28, #5
  • New York Times PB GN Best-Seller, 9/21, #8