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i am trying to get this done before i rush out the door. i know it has been way too stinking long since the last time i have posted or updated my website, practically a whole year has gone by. dang. i am full of excuses but i am aware i am remiss in my duties as a self-promoter and that i need to be doing this more. and i would like to apologize to all the friends of mine out there and other humans that i owe artwork or an email or a real letter to (jay sacher, i loved your letter). i hope to get to it all week i will go into more detail about everything that has happened to me since my last post but some highlights include: a bicycle accident involving an suv (i might post some pics sometime, there’s blood), moving across town again to new neighborhood, lots of projects including doing artwork for vertigo and the marvel at almost the same time, rapidly approaching the big four zero, and juggling 4 different comic book projects while trying to finish up the last few commissions i over committed myself to. i had to take a break from doing any other work until i finish those things or at least until i partially dig myself out of the pile i made for myself. i am not trying to sound whiny, i know this is the life i have chosen and i do enjoy it for the most part but it is rather solitary and at times stress filled and fueled existence. after like fifteen years of working as a cartoonist professional (whatever) i feel like i am just in the last year or so trying to figure out how to plan for the future of my career. basically i have no idea what i am doing but i feel like there is this heavy clunky machinery that i am rolling downhill and trying to steer as best i can but it often gets away from me and i have to run after it and push it hard to get it back on course, then it goes too far that way and i have to run after it again. i don’t know how effective that analogy is but it is the best one i have right now. ok, i need to work on it. but i know i am not entirely alone in this just from a few conversations i have had with other creative types around my certain age. it’s my experience too that most of us don’t really know what are doing really, just some of us are better at faking it than others. we all need to figure out for ourselves what gets us through the day i guess, being a little delusional helps.

so for now i wanted to tell you real quick about one of the projects that i am working on right now, prophet for image comics. i love what brandon graham and simon roy have been doing with the comic so far. i am nearly done with my first issue. if you like science fiction fantasy stuff (conan the barbarian in space) you can’t go wrong with this series. the above image is a cover that i drew in brandon’s apartment in vancouver bc. he colored it (i think with some help of his amazing artist wife marian churchland) and added the drawing on the bottom corner which i think bumps the while thing up a notch or four. i wasn’t too happy with my drawing before but i am digging it now.

speaking of my pal from the great white north, brandon is going to be having a release party for his book king city (which is spectacular and one of my favorite comics of all time) tonight at floating world comics. i will be there. please come on by it is just in few hours.


WHO: Brandon Graham

WHAT: King City book release and signing

WHEN: Friday, Mar. 9th, 6-9pm

WHERE: Floating World Comics, 400 NW Couch St.

i have a bunch more news and stuff to tell you about but i have to run now. i will try to post again next friday. i think that might be my regular day for it since that is when my IWAH comic goes up every week.

if you don’t know yet, iwah is: it will all hurt, the loose strip i have been posting every week on the study group comics site.

more on that next week too.

and oh yeah, i did this sticker my favorite place to go in nyc, cake shop.

i think they might be doing giveaways of it at south by southwest this year. but don’t quote me on that.

here is a video for their showcase at sxsw. it is on the 14th of this month i believe.

watch video on utube

i love you guys. more to come…..


  1. However you’re getting it done, it is always a real treat to look at and read. Looking forward to the new works.


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