rom in the place where i live

so this is the piece i did for the rom show on thursday at floating world comics.

It is the second and final ROM Spaceknight tribute show for Bill Mantlo.

here’s the info

WHO: Mike Allred, Jeffrey Brown, Farel Dalrymple, Michael DeForge, Tan Eng Huat, Ben Marra, Luke Ramsey, Jon Schnepp, Matt Timson, and dozens more.

WHAT: ROM Spaceknight benefit art show for Bill Mantlo

WHEN: Thursday, Dec. 2nd, 6-10pm

WHERE: Floating World Comics 20 NW 5th Ave #101 Portland, OR 97209 (503)241-0227

View artwork from the exhibit here:

Artwork on display until Jan. 2nd.

my conan pinup finally came out in the last issue of Conan the Cimmerian #25. this isn’t my art. it is by cary nord. but i have posted my conan too many times already.

i haven’t seen the book in the flesh yet.  i hope to crom i will be getting some contributor copies.

i did get my strange tales comps and immediately noticed two screw ups on my part. dang and argh.  the way she goes.

and i got a copy of the best american comics the other day as well. i am looking forward to reading that. i just finished the warriors by sol yurick. i was a big fan of the movie as a kid and as a grown up and enjoyed the heck out the book. i am excited by the haul i got from the library, a couple books i been meaning to read for a while, One Hundred Years of Solitude by gabriel garcia marquez because so many people have told me i need to read it, and The Box of Delights: or When the Wolves Were Running by john masefield because i loved the bbc series when i was a youngster. i read another of his kid’s books fairly  recently, The Midnight Folk. i read  another book by that gabriel garcia marquez a while back as well. my pal chris stevens gave me a copy of Of Love and Other Demons with an inscription that i should have read it already. it kind of knocked my proverbial socks off. i am also pretty jazzed to read the new vanessa davis comic, make me a woman. i immensely dug her spaniel rage book.

i am way too broke to buy books these days, so thanks so much library.

heads up to all the folks in the brooklyn, you should go check out the desert island show, comics and graphics fest this weekend.

i was hoping to attend but couldn’t make it. i hope to go out to the next one. but a lot of my favorite guys doing cool comics are going to be at that one including my pal jim rugg. check out his new post.

and check out the cool cover my pally zach baldus did for the new kurt busiak dc book, witchlands

and i just sold this little watercolor on my etsy. stay tuned for more art posts on there

and i also signed up for the comic art fans site as way to get more commission work.

here is a punisher commission i just did.

and my buddy brandon graham who has the most entertaining blog posts ever did a take on paul pope‘s take on a moebius drawing and got a crazy ball rolling. read about it on the amazing artist d-pi‘s site.

that’s it for now folks

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