pop gun war: gift new edition in stores now from IMAGE comics



From atomik pop in Oklahoma City- “the new Image Comics edition of Farel Dalrymple‘s book of sequential wonderment is out today with what appears to be newly colored pages in farel’s usual command a watercolor palette.”

POP GUN WAR: GIFT (ISBN 978-1-63215-773-7) in comic book stores Wednesday, May 11th, and bookstores Tuesday, May 17th, and is available for $14.99

It can be ordered by retailers with Diamond code MAR160645.

POP GUN WAR is about childhood, self-discovery, oppression, guilt, dreams, loneliness, whatever, and an inner city boy named Sinclair, who discovers a pair of discarded angel wings. With these wings, Sinclair flies around the city and gets into adventures.


Story By: Farel Dalrymple
Art By: Farel Dalrymple
Cover By: Farel Dalrymple
Published: May 11, 2016, IMAGE comics
Diamond ID: MAR160645
Digital : $11.99 Print: $14.99

– See more at: imagecomics.com

new pop gun war in island magazine for a new year

issue 5 of the new image comics anthology ISLAND is on the stands this week with a cover by the remarkable amy clare :

this issue continues stories that began in previous issues including the next chapter of farel dalrymple’s pop gun war :CHAIN LETTER from #4:





















the next chapter of simon roy‘s heartfelt space cannibal Habitat from #2,


and the next chapter of malachi ward and mathew sheean‘s brilliant speculative fiction Ancestor from #3,

tumblr_nzu29pWMqf1rth6jao1_1280 (1)

i also began work on a new cover for the new Image comics published edition of too long out of print pop gun war trade, pop gun war :gift , due out this fall. here is a sketch of what i have so far.


back to the east coast in december

as the poster says, i will be in philadelphia for this show.
i stole this description from one of my favorite people, chris mcd and the meathaus blog ,
Locust Moon is a comics shop in West Philadelphia with big ideas. When the super fun lo-fi Philly Alt Comic Con run by Pat Aulisio for three years ended last year, Locust Moon filled the void by planning a free one day comics festival at the same location, the Rotunda, this December 16th, a Sunday, from 11 to 8pm.”
it looks like it will be sort of a meathaus reunion. i am hoping i can convince a few of the meat gang left in new york city to come down for it too.
i would love to see you all there.

here is a link to the event’s facebook page

thanks everyone too for all the good words about my art on the prophet book. i have only done two issues, really brandon graham, simon roy, and giannis milonogiannis are the real artists on that book, but the response to my effort on it has been really good. i feel good about having worked on that. and i do plan on doing a wrap up near the end of the run.

i also want to give props to Fil Barlow on the cover, Letters by Ed Brisson and joseph Bergin III on colors. a special super big thanks to joseph bergin III. he did an amazing job on it. i stole this next part from brandon’s blog because he said it so well,

“joseph Bergin pulled some impressive shit and come up with an idea to show everything inside the psychic mind dampening field in black and white.

Here’s the transition page as Prophet falls out of color.

I can’t stress enough what a joy it is to work with all the dudes on Prophet.

Also in #29 Andy Ristaino (of lead designer on adventure time and Babysitter & other comics fame ) did an amazing back up this issue.


and many thanks go to jason Levian of floating world and everyone who showed up to the prophet show for helping make it such an amazing time. i am a little late in getting this post together as always. i finally re-blogged some of the pics andrew and joseph took of the event. please check out their respective tumblrs for more pictures. here are a few.

that is joseph on the left and me on the right. both of us making scary faces. i can’t even remember if that weird smile was intentional but it looks painful.

i sold a couple things at the show too which was very cool. thank you so much. it means a lot to me that someone would want to purchase my art, especially since i put so much time dang time into them. the rest of the pages from prophet #29 will be sent to my comic art dealer the excellent comic store in canada, the beguiling.
they already have pages from issue #24 posted.

ok, now fairly recently i took down my etsy store. i think that it is a great site and works for a lot of people and i did sell some stuff on there but i just decided that it wasn’t right for me and the type of work that i do.   i  need to rethink the way i sell my art.  most likely i’m just going to set up a page on my site with my books. in the meantime here are some ways you can get art i have made:

the beguiling.—original comic book pages including prophet, pop gun war, omega the unknown, caper, and others.

studygroup comics—my web comic is currently on hiatus but you can get original watercolored pages for around $30 each

attractmode–future of play print for $25

Locust Moon comics—my friends there will be selling various prints of mine including the above poster and my cover for the anthology once upon a time machine.
which is currently available for purchase from your favorite retailer.

floating word comics—they have all sorts of my books for sale and posters of the prophet show.

i also made a facebook page that will feature new art as it comes available

and of course there is always amazon. i really don’t like the way they undercut book stores but dang they are convenient and have pretty much everything.

and there is also a new silkscreen print of my drawing with glow in the dark ink in the works by helen popinchalk.
this is the image.
i have been posting some of her process photos on my tumblr

i’ll let y’all know when this is ready for purchase.

ok enough of this capitalist stuff.  i want to show you a spread of the wrenchies i did recently.

i feel pretty good about this one. which i can’t say for all the pages i have been doing on it. some pages come easier than others. i’m just not clicking away as fast i wish i was but i am trying to find the fun in what i do again. please don’t give up on me finishing this book. i need some positive energy sent my way to get it done. brandon just showed this on twitter but i thought it would be a good finish to this blog post. Masters of comic art Moebius interview. it is only like five minutes long but packed with some good stuff.

and one last thing my good pal jason sacher sent me this drawing of hollis a while back and i have been meaning to post it.

he has a great tumblr called the cowboy campfire. i love his art and his writing and comics and look at this drawing pretty much everyday for inspiration. he totally captured the feel for that kid. thanks jay.


and thanks for reading thus far.