The Wrenchies in the LA Times

The Los Angeles Times just revealed the cover and some interior pages to my soon to be released 304-page comic book from First Second Books , The Wrenchies.


There is an interview on there as well as these other images from the book:

 stalwart meathaus-er and genuine cut-up chris mcd sent me a gangsta edition of the same interview.

seriously though , thanks very much to Hero Complex and Noelene Clark for all that.


it is gonna be a full year for me promoting  Delusional and The Wrenchies. here is a list of North American shows i will be appearing at in 2014:

March 22 PIX (Pittsburgh, PA)

March 28-30 Emerald City Comic Con (Seattle,WA)

April 12 Linework (Portland, Oregon)

May 9,10,11 TCAF (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

May 24 VanCAF– (Vancouver, BC, Canada)

May 29-31 BEA (NYC, NY)

June 20-22 HeroesCon, (Charolette, NC)

Sept 13 and 14 Small Press Expo (Bethesda, MD)

October 25 Locust Moon Fest  (Philadelphia, PA)

if you haven’t had a chance to pick up Delusional, my  232-page art and comics book,  and you can’t make it to any of those shows it is available on the Adhouse Books site.

arrow Download a PDF preview of delusional.

also Here is the Amazon page for delusional.

lostastronautlight i think the glow-in-the-dark silk screen of the delusional astronaut guy might be sold out but you can still get a big google kid print at trifecta editions.


aaaaaaaaand i recently finished part four of of my webcomic it will all hurt and started working on part five. you see the little tattoo on leon’s wrist? it spells IWAH.


please feel free to check out these links of note:

comics alliance talking up the wrenchies.

comics alliance talking up the joe casey project i am doing a little art for.

fun moebius doc with mike mignola talking some real good stuff near the end. jodorowski says he shits on america. hilarious.

and alan moore drops some real good science starting around 18:00

and this great tom spurgeon paul pope interview inspired the hell out of me. I especially liked the part where he talks about how to balance the promotional aspect of his career and actually getting pages done. something i struggle with all the time.

 there are also a bunch of my art including prophet pages up at the beguiling store if you were feeling like owning one or more of my originals.

 speaking of prophet this is the cover for the 3rd prophet trade that just came out from image comics.

you might be able to tell from the palette in this post i really like orange, gray, pink, and brown.

i also put a bunch of stuff up on my flikr recently. get into it.


  1. The work speaks for itself–no amount of commenting can express my joy of looking at your art.

    That being said, do you color on the originals directly?

    • hey nando, thanks, that is really cool of you to say. and thanks for being a sport and leaving a comment after my somewhat pathetic plea. i usually do all the colors with watercolor. the only things that were colored in photoshop on this post are the silk screens for practical purposes. i am experimenting moire with digital coloring on this DHP story i am working on. i’ll post some of those pages soon.

    • hey rob, i really want to hit up chicago this year. i was going to do either E2C2 or cake but both of them fell on times i had another engagement. maybe after the wrenchies comes out later in the year i will be able to do a local book store thing. possibly at quimbys or chicago comics or one of the many other fine book stores in the area.

  2. Sounds good, Farel. If you ever make it to Madison, WI for a signing, you can always have a place to crash a bit north of there.

    And to Nando: the watercolors are exquisite!


  3. don’t know if i have ever been to madison but i have a buddy that lives not too from there in wild rose. i should put that on my north american wrenchies tour schedule for later in the year. i might take you up on that place to crash. thanks.

  4. Ah, Wild Rose is maybe 40 minutes from where I live, and about the same distance from where I teach. Maybe we can get you up for a visiting artist gig, if you have an interest. We have tons of students interested in the narrative arts.


  5. That would be really cool, Farel. Let me know when you think you’ll be in the vicinity, and we can look to set something up.

    How did your friend wind up Wild Rose? It’s pretty far from the hub of the universe 🙂

  6. i think he was born and raised there by cool hippie parents. a bunch or artsy types live the country life out there i guess.
    but sure thing. i’ll plan on getting in touch with you about this soon. i think august is still open and most of october. even november or december. i bet it is rrr-real cold there around december though. brrr. what time around then is best for you?

  7. Farel, actually next spring semester would really be ideal (and warmer!), as I’ll be teaching a Graphic Narration class. I taught the first one last spring, and it went great gangbusters. Students are chomping at the bit for the next one. So anytime from January through April would really be ideal. Thanks!

  8. I am really excited about The Wrenchies and The Ear Farmer. I can’t wait to see them. How soon do you think IAWH # 2 will be out? I’ve been keeping up online but I love how the physical copy turned out. Can’t wait to catch you at Heroes Con this year!

    Also is there any way to make Tom Herpich draw more comics?

    • hey victor, thanks. we were gonna try to have iwah 2 out for emerald city in march. so i should have some at heroes con too. woohoo. yeah, i wish tom would put out more comics but i love he ones he has done so much i don’t mind re-reading those a few more hundred times.


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