week in the east

So the rainy months and my cat are driving me a little crazy. I have been rather isolated, living in a weird neighborhood of south west portland which i like for it’s lameness, listening to the same guided by voices albums over and over again. but i am back to working on the wrenchies everyday and it seems to be getting rolling, although not as fast as i would like of course. the real good news is i just got this in the mail:


i am super excited by this a new silkscreen print of my drawing with glow in the dark ink.

not the best picture of the glow but please trust me when i say it looks great in person. one of the coolest things i have seen a while actually. the website where you can purchase these from is not set up but will be soon. in the meantime please contact the print maker helen popinchalk with any purchasing inquiries. here are some recent process photos she sent me:

this is a super limited edition but i will have a few on hand at the show in philadelphia next weekend. and speaking of, i know i posted about this already but since it is gearing up i thought i would post this again.

locust moon fest December 16, 2012, 11am to 8pm at The Rotunda: 4014 Walnut Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104 the Rotunda

the event’s facebook page

i am bringing a bunch of original art from prophet #29, my recent avengers page, and other stuff. oh yeah, here is the original page i did for the last issue of New Avengers (#34, Brian Bendis’s 100th issue and final issue)

though i still haven’t seen the issue, the print version looks a little different. i made the colors on the original here more like doc strange’s old costume. the print version i colored his suit all red like i think this version is supposed to be. i imagine there is lettering on the print version too. so i will have this with me at the show if anyone wants to make me an offer in person. please no email inquiries about original art.

i will also have on hand these hand-colored letterpresss prints

and my pals at Locust Moon comics will be selling various prints of mine including the above poster and my cover for the anthology once upon a time machine.
which is currently available for purchase from your favorite retailer.

and if you can’t make it to the show but want to get someone a gift of original artwork please go see my friends at the beguiling for original comic book pages including prophet, pop gun war, omega the unknown, caper, and others.

if all that is too pricey for you please check out

studygroup comics. my web comic is still on hiatus but you can get the original watercolored pages for around $30 each

speaking of studygroup, mister zack soto, the sites grand master has a new book out

i loved the first secret voice and am looking forward to getting my grubby hands on this one.

and it seems like that prophet book i did a couple issues for is getting on a couple best of lists

Amazon annouces Their Best Graphic Novels of the Year

The Return of the Best Damn Comics of the Year — Boing Boing Edition

very cool. if you hear of any other ones send them my way.


there are so many excellent dudes going to be at the philadelphia show including meathaus prez chris mcd who should have copies of his Sasquatch’s Big Hairy Drawing Book  available for purchasing and drawing in. a while back i sent chris some of my drawings i did for it. He should also have copies of the go for the gold sketchbooks and issues of meathaus.


another good meathauser jeffro kilpatrick sent me this picture recently

an old page from pop gun war issue #1 he had hung up for his students to see. thanks jeff. jeff creates some excellent comics including one of my favorites, a little turlte named petey who i liked so much i put him on the locust moon fest poster. see if you can spot him.

inspired by the Willamette Week’s give guide book i fianlly got a membership at the independent publishing resource center. the iprc is one of the reasons i like this town of portland. honestly i would rather be living out in the woods but if you have to live in a city stuff like this makes it more bearable.

so much more to tell you. i have a stack of books i need to review but i am burnt on attaching links so i leave you with otherworld

i remember being fascinated with this as a child and sadly have been thinking about it for years. i recently found it on youtube. it even has a kid named “smith” in it. weird, as that was the name of my first comic.  i certainly didn’t remember that.