Salut! 7 Coaster Art Show

May 18 – June 12, 2022

Opening Reception: May 18th / 5pm – 8pm

Gallery Nucleus Portland

  • 2916 NE Alberta St #B
  • Portland, OR 97211
  • (971) 386-5114

Opening reception is sponsored by Rogue


What is the Salut Coaster Show?
In conjunction with Drink & Draw Society, our annual group show, Salut, will feature 1000+ artworks on display in the drink coaster format. This is a rare opportunity to affordably own original work by incredible artists!

When and where will the artwork be available to purchase?
At the opening reception at Nucleus Portland on Wednesday, May 18th from 5pm-8pm. First come, first served!

Artwork that is still available can be purchased online starting on May 19th at 12pm pst at (We appreciate your patience as it may take a few moments for all the pieces to appear online.)

*The gallery will be closed on Thursday, May 19th.

How much is each coaster?

Will items stay in my cart by the time I’m ready for checkout?
Items in your cart will NOT be reserved. It is possible that someone else will complete their transaction before you.

I got too excited and purchased the wrong coaster, can I get a refund?
No. All purchases are final. 

Do you offer international shipping?
Yes, however, UK orders are temporarily blocked.

Do you offer combined shipping or discounts on multiple orders?
No. With the amount of orders being placed during this show, combining orders could cause errors.

Can I request a preview or pre-sale?
Not for this show.

Got any tips?
• Do not wait, they sell quick!
• Look at the artist roster ahead of time (see below).
• Have your credit card info ready. We do not accept PayPal.

Can I view the show in person?
YES! We highly recommend seeing this show in person! It’s spectacular 🙂 Visit our IG profile for updated gallery hours. 

Is there an open call for artists?
This show is curated by gallery invitation only. 


A.C. Esguerra | Aaron Piland | Abigail Halpin | Absolute Ama | Alex Dos Diaz | Alex Kuno | Alina Chau | Amber Aki Huang | Amy Earles | Andi Soto | Andrea Kang | Andrew Cadima | Andrew Mar | Anuj Shrestha | April Elizabeth | Art and Such Evan | Art of Yayu | Authan Chen | Avantarded | Bagger43 | Barry Johnson | Bayo | Benz and Chang | Bernard Lee | Blake Jones | Brendan Mulligan | Brian Holderman | Bryce Wymer | Candace McKay | Candie Bolton | Carly Janine Mazur | Caroline Choi | Cassey Kuo | Celia Jacobs | Cheatin Snakes | Chelsea Beck | Chelsea Blecha | Chloe Niclas | Chris Martin | Cleonique Hilsaca | Colin Verdi | D. Jeffrey | DanBob | Danny Miller | Danny Schwartz | Dasdrew | Deborah Lee | Defectivepudding | Diego Penuela | Dusty Ray | Edward Cao | Elevator Teeth | Eli McMullen | Elizabeth Jean Younce | Ellen Surrey | Ellie Ellis | Emil Konishi | Eric Michael Hancock | Erica Williams | Erick Martinez | Ethan Price | Eva Redamonti | Farel Dalrymple | Faunwood | Floriane Marchix | Fumi Nakamura | Gemma Correll | Gentle Thrills | Gizem Vural | Graham Franciose | Grey Chen | Habacuc S. Bessiake | Hannah Bess Ross | Harmony Gong | Harumo Sato | Haylee Morice | Heartslob | Heather Sundquist Hall | Heidiroo | Helen Mask | Helice Wen | Hermann Mejia | Hollie Mengert | Ileana Soon | Isabel Samaras | Jackie Brown | Jackie Dunn Smith | Jacquelin de Leon | Jade Sturms | James Lipnickas | James Thistlethwaite | Jamie Green | Jared Andrew Schorr | Jaya Nicely | Jeff McMillan | Jen Tong | Jennifer Davis | Jennifer Wang | Jenny Yu | Jess Phoenix | Jesse Simpson | Jessica Dalva | Jessica Roux | Jill De Haan | John F. Malta | John Rego | Joon the Goon | Jordan Goshe | Jordan Kay | Josey Tsao | Josh Minnich | Joshua Lawyer | JP Neang | Julian Callos | Julianna Brion | Julie Hang | Juliet Schreckinger | Justine Gilbuena | Justine Prebich | Karlotta Freier | Kat Terada | Kate Liu | Katherine Lam | Katie Gamb | Kaye Blegvad | Kekai Kotaki | Kelly Louise Judd |Kelly Sux | Kenichiro Chaffee | Kevin Jay Stanton | Kevin Sabo | Keyla Valerio | Kim Slate | Kimberli Johnson | Kodi Buiard | Krista Perry | Kristen Solecki | Kristina Micotti | Kyle Fewell | Kyler Martz | Lachlan Herrick | Lawrence Hugh Burns | Lily Seika Jones | Liz Clayton Fuller | Lydia Nichols | Made by Enger | Maggie Chiang | Marc Scheff | Mari Inukai | Marika Paz | Marika Tamura | Mariya Pilipenko | Mark Hoffmann | Martin Hsu | Mary O’Malley | Mary Syring | Matt Gordon | Matt Midgley | Matt Panuska | Matt Schu | Matthew Crumpton | Maya Fuji | Megan Buccere | Mellow Meadow | Mere Jossy | Michael Koehler | Michael York Gilreath | Mike Howat | Mike Lowery | Mike Schultz | Miranda Tacchia | Mizna Wada | MJ Lindo-Lawyer | Molly Mendoza | Mónico Chávez | MonQ | Nana Williams | Naoshi | Natalia Cardona Puerta | Natalie Andrewson | Nellie Le | Nick Nazzaro | Nick Vargas | Nicole Duennebier | Nicole Xu | Nikolas Ilic | Niky Motekallem | Oliver Ono | Olivia Fields | Paper Puffin | Parakid | Patara | Patrick Mathews | Philipp Zurmöhle | Phoebe Zhong | Po Yan Leung | Rachell Sumpter | Rae Ritchie | Reiko Murakami | Reuben Negron | Ricardo Diseño | Rose Wong | Rowan Kingsbury | Ryan Harris | Sean Keeton | Sean Mahan | Shannon Taylor | Shelley Couvillion | ShinYeon Moon | Shoko Ishida | Skullbashhero | Song Kang | Sophia Franco | Stephanie DeAngelis | Steve Martinez | Steven Russell Black | Stevie Shao | Subin Yang | Susan Yung | Svetla Radivoeva | Tegan Bellitta | Teresa Grasseschi | The Obanoth | Tia Roxae | Tiffany Liu | Tiffany Pham | Tim Peacock | Tintist | Uijung Kim | V. Steiner | Vahe Yefremian | Vanessa Gillings | Victoria Orolfo | Vin Ganapathy | Vivian Le | VR Rivera | Wingchow | Wonder & Friends by Giorgiko | Yas Imamura | Yellena James | Yoshi Yoshitani | Yumiko Kayukawa | Yusei Abe | Yuuki Jia | Zach Mendoza | Zoe Persico


Mind MGMT creator Matt Kindt is bringing the critically acclaimed series back at Dark Horse Comics and launching his own creator-owned imprint, Flux House, starting with a new Mind MGMT series in July, MIND MGMT: BOOTLEG, a 4-issue mini-series by Kindt, Farel Dalrymple, Jill Thompson, David Rubín, and Matt Lesniewski, and will also include variant covers by Jim Rugg, Marguerite Sauvage, Aron Wiesenfeld, and Laura Perez.





the often wrong in stores october

I am really looking forward to the JET CITY COMIC SHOW next month: 26-27 October, 2019 1500 Broadway, Tacoma, WA 98402.

hopefully, i’ll have advance copies of THE OFTEN WRONG at the show. if not you can always get it from my wonderful publisher image comics.


Diamond ID: AUG190105           ISBN: 9781534313521                Cover price: $29.99

THE OFTEN WRONG is a 360 page collection of new and old comic stories, paintings and illustrations, “behind-the-scenes” concept art for The Wrenchies, PROXIMA CENTAURI, POP GUN WAR, IT WILL ALL HURT, and sketchbook drawings by comic book creator FAREL DALRYMPLE.

please try your local comic store or independent bookstore like portland’s own POWELL’S. Then there is Barnes and Noble , Indiebound, Comixology, and if all else fails there are copies aplenty on the amazon place.

also you maybe have noticed my new store page where you can get t-shirts, stickers, and prints.


Boise Comic Arts Festival BCAF19

This weekend i will be at the Boise Comic Arts Festival
SATURDAY & SUNDAY from 10:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. at JUMP (Jack’s Urban Meeting Place)1000 W Myrtle StBoise, ID 83702 (map)
I will be in the Artists’ Alley on the 6th FLOOR: PIONEER ROOM
except for a panel on Character Design on SUNDAY, 2:15 p.m.-3:00 p.m., on the 5th FLOOR: THE LOFT 

This cool poster is by the talented Maria Frantz

I also had a soft opening for a store on my website where you can purchase these robot tod letterpress prints as well as t-shirts books and stickers.

for original art i’d like to remind you to please visit the beguiling. below are a few of the pieces currently available: