i haven’t updated my website in ages. i was thinking about redesigning it. i want something simple and is easier to update than image ready. i already feel like spending so much time on the computer makes me shirk my sacred duties of making comics. does anyone have any ideas?
next weekend i will be in richmond, VA for a comic book signing at Velocity Comics
The signing will be from 2 to 5 on Saturday 2/11. please come by and say hi. i think everyone will be drinking somewhere that evening too.
speaking of drinking last weekend i was in austin, tx for a visit and i just happened upon some cartoonists at some bar. i was a bit too tipsy to hold a pen properly but i think i managed to do some crappy drawings anyway. the people in the group all seemed like a rather excellent bunch.
In upcoming news, Alternative Comics is releasing Meathaus 8 Head Games
within weeks. and the bbc online did a neat feature on the meathaus group. be sure to check out the image gallery they have up there.
meathaus was supposed to be in stores already but my own personal deadlines and other things kept me from finishing up the book. but it is done and will hopefully be back from the printers in a few weeks. and i believe that wizard magazine will be doing something on the new book next month. i’ll post more info when i find out the details.
in the meantime if you haven’t visited recently, check out the new front page for front page for
chris mcd stuck a new blog thing in there, updated every day with links and art stuff, plus all the latest news. feel free to comment on the blog.
here is a pin up i did for the surrogates a new book book from top shelf comix:
and some sketches

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