Emerald City Comic Con was fun, relatively stress free and i feel for the most part i didn’t make a dork of myself too bad during the actual show. apologies to anyone i annoyed with all of my offensive idiocy saturday evening after the show. and sorry i couldn’t spend more time with all the excellent people that were there. i didn’t do too much hanging out on this trip.

on friday i delivered these two pre-drawn commissions below. magik from the new mutants and black bolt of the inhumans.

thanks to the awesome guys that got them from me as well everyone else who bought stuff and/or came by to say hi. i appreciate the support and encouragement, especially in these tough times.
on sunday i did another commission while sitting at my table. it took me a while but i think i was able to do a pretty decent picture of black costume spidey (my favorite) fighting the scorpian. excellent cartooning colleague matt kindt who was sitting next to me took this picture of it. click on the thumbnail if you want to see it big.
thanks matt. i actually inked it with a brush. something i haven’t done too often. in the past at shows  i have done most of my sketching with a pen and without penciling.
my pal matthew hawkins at attract mode posted about the print i made for the Game Over giant robot show here.
i am not sure if and when my prints will be for sale on the giant robot web store but there is a preview of the opening show on their website. looks like it was a real fun time. you can see my print in a few pictures. and of course if you are in sf area you can pick one up from the store. please buy one or twelve.
i have only been a few times so far to my new studio space at tranquility base but i am digging it. i am looking forward to getting lots of work done there.
so the plan for next month was to hit up the wondercon show but i don’t have a table or means of getting down there. if anyone from portland and/or anywhere else wants to gimme a ride and/or let me share part of a table with them i could help out with gas and pitch in for table costs. let me know if y’all hear of anything.
either way i will definitely be at the very cool and local stumptown comics fest next month as well. be seeing you.


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