the above image is for a show my little sister is playing in next friday. check it out if you are in thy bay area. the original of this business is for sale on my etsy store too. it doesn’t have the type on it or the background for that matter. the original back ground is just the white of the card stock. this drawing was inspired by a moebius’ drawing in his sublime 40 days in the desert. i left the book at my studio or i would post a jpeg of the original drawing. see if you can tell which one it is.

**so stumptown comics fest went pretty smooth and was a lot of fun. thanks to indigo and everyone else who helped put the show on and participate in it. this was the mini i made for stumptown.

i sold out of the forty copies i made exclusively for the show. but if you want to read the thing i have been posting a spread from it almost every day on my tumblr. just four more spreads to go and the whole thing will be on-line for your potential amusement or indifference. i also sold the very last of the copies of pop gun war: chain letter 2 i had. there might still be an issue or two at floating world if you still want one otherwise you might have to wait a few years for me to finish the whole dang book.

**next weekend (May 7th and 8th) i will be at will be at tcaf in toronto, cananda!

poster by the inspiring and amazing Jillian Tamaki.

very exciting to visit another country even just for a weekend. i think it’s really cool the show is held in the library too.

The Toronto Comic Arts Festival

Saturday May 7th,9am-5pm

Sunday May 8th,11am-5pm

Toronto Reference Library

789 Yonge St.,

Toronto, Canada


Admission to TCAF is Free. which is another pretty great thing. i was going to try to have another mini comic made for that show, but if i can get it together at this point it will be a miracle. i will bring some copies of diamond comics to sell though, and hopefully  prints or some other sort of cool something or other.

**and for a few more days i still have some wrenchies pages up in the showPeople’s Art of Portland at Peoples’ Gallery – Portland OR, Downtown at Pioneer Place Mall, Third Floor, Suite 4005 700 SW Fifth Avenue The mall galleries (4 of them) are in partnership with PNCA (Pacific Northwest College of Art) and are open 4 days a week.


**there are my pieces up at the pony club gallery downtown in the Everett station studios. 3 little watercolors of mine are up there and a bunch of great stuff in the show to see. both of these shows are up for only a few more days. and

**copies of diamond comics (#6) are available from floating world comics (#6) for $4 in case you weren’t one of lucky people who got one of the 5000 copies included as a FREE insert in the 4/14 issue of the portland mercury. i just saw that Erik Henriksen gave diamond 6 and my spiderman story in strange tales two a nice word. thanks. it seems like every time i see my work in print for the first time i find some big mistake i made. i can’t believe i didn’t notice this until i saw the flyer, but i brilliantly gave leon fireglove two right hands.

nice. yeah…maybe it will make some sort of sense within the story. i like how i didn’t notice that when i was pencilling or coloring it but it is the first thing i saw when it printed.  but it all printed great and all the comics look swell. the wraparound cover by Paul Pope is super neat. floating world is holding onto 1000 copies which will be sold at the store and through select distributors. Orders may also be placed directly by emailing

**this week on my etsy store i posted the last of the drawings from the book, Spiritual Teachings of the Avatar.  so if you feel like getting some cheap art please visit my etsy.

**and my pal matt hawkins is doing a kickstater. i am going to do a cover for his video game zine, so look for that soon too.

that’s it for now. be seeing you in toronto or on the world wide web.

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