i just uploaded a bunch of stuff on my flikr. some older stuff and some new stuff including this:

i did this for rick remender and jerome opena’s cool comic book fear agent from dark horse comics. the series is going to be ending soon and i think this will appear on the back of the next to last issue.

i suppose anyone reading this already knows i got on the facebook and the twitter finally. i am trying to be more proactive about all this web tomfoolery. i am still a little unfamiliar on how to use these effectively but hopefully i can manage it eventually and still be able to put in some hours on my comic book career.

i also put this sucker up on my etsy. it sold before i was done composing this blog post though. thanks tristan! that is pretty awesome. it is a study for my strange tales II issue two story which should be out this wednesday. this drawing is not in the story. like i said it’s just a study. drawing those spidey and surfer pages was some of the toughest comics making i have ever done. not that i am complaining but i was completely stressed out about it. i and i think that comes out quite clearly in the story. i hope it does anyway. even though i grew up reading spiderman and marvel comics, whenever i drew i would always just make up my own characters, except for the occasional tracing of a walt simonson thor page. so now it like i am trying to prove to myself that i can draw established superheros. i really feel like i need to loosen up a bit with my drawing. that is actually a big reason one of the strange tales pages i drew was a direct swipe from how to draw comics the marvel way. page 133 to be exact. oddly, one guy in particular at the alternative press expo didn’t seem to believe me when i told him that.  maybe i’ll post both pages after the book hits the stands. i didn’t trace it or anything but i tried to mimic it as best i could then sort of built my story around that. around the concept of why these guys would be fighting. even as a young tyke i thought it was weird that spiderman would attack the silver surfer. the silver surfer could easily defeat spiderman, right? and the surfer seems like a pretty nice guy, quite tortured but pretty noble as characters go. i made peter parker in my story seem like a completely stressed out lunatic. i also, not so subtly showed my disdain for manhattan (no offense manhattanites) which sort of drives me to the brink of craziness every time i go back there. i am just too delicate in my old age to handle the sensory overload of that place. before i had the pages drawn i thought that page in how to draw comics the marvel way was just made specifically for that book, but the separate panels are actually from a real issue of spiderman, but aren’t all on the same page. i will be doing more super hero drawings and putting them on my store in the coming weeks. i did put a couple other drawings up there as well including a panel from my studygroup 12 story and i am still selling pop gun war:chain letter issue 2 on there. or you can just click on the paypal button below if you don’t want to register on etsy. i am also currently available for commissions. i will draw stuff for you for money. please email me for rates.

pop gun war chain letter two is all sold out now.

and just for fun here is another page from the wrenchies. thanks everybody.

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