it is frikkin’ stormin’ hard outside. i remember before i moved here i was pretty concerned about the all rain. a friend of mine who grew up here told me it didn’t rain all that much. why did i believe him? oh yeah, i am an idiot. i do like all the trees and green things though. every spell has it’s cost.

rose city comic con was a grand ‘ol time. i saw a lot of good folks and some rather unfortunate costumes. hanging with the press gang dudes was the highlight but i also made this little number for the show.


i only have one advance copy of delusional so i put about 24 pages of supplemental sketchbook stuff  inside a silk screened cover as a promo for the adhouse book.  my special lady, valerie helped me pull the prints. the real 232 page delusional should be available in stores by late october.

arrow Download a PDF preview

Here is the Amazon page for delusional but if you want me to sign a copy, you can just give me $30 at one of my appearances and i will draw in it and send you one once i get my comp copies.rosecity
here is a picture of the press gang table set up. zack soto took the pic so he couldn’t be in it.  jason’s holding up a copy of delusional. i blotted out a couple banners just so you wouldn’t get too distracted. no offenses meant to those respective artists.

gridlords is this weekend here in this town of portland oregon. i am going to be reading and showing slides from a small section of the 304 page book i just finished for or first secondthe wrenchiesGridlords 17  Comics reading and performance featuring Matthew OcasioFarel DalrympleT Edward Bak. Saturday September 28th at the Waypost, 3120 N Williams, 8pm.  here is the poster:

i know the poster says book release. that is probably my fault as i thought it would be out by now. so please forgive the error and hopefully we can look past this. the weekend after gridlords is the start of my east coast action and the locust moon comic festival. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 5 10 am – 6 pm at The Rotunda: 4014 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104. 

the wednesday after (on october 9th) i am doing a studygroup comics signing with zack soto at bergen street comics. Bergen Street Comics is located in beautiful Park Slope, at 470 Bergen St, Brooklyn, NY 11217. here’s the facebook event page.

the next weekend (october 10th through the 14th) is new york comic con where i will be sitting with the locust moon booth (artist alley V11) signing my books and the anthology book i did the cover and logo for, once upon a time machine. hopefully i will have prints and copies of those sketchbooks for sale as well as it will all hurts. The monday following that weekend i will be doing a talk at the university of Pennsylvania. more on that to come. talk to y’all soon.

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