this is a batman i sold recently and might possibly be the first real batman drawing i have ever done. i also recently sold this new spidey.

i am working on a few new commissions right now that i will be posting about soon. thanks everyone for getting art from me. email me if you want me to draw something for you.

JFish has a great set of pics from the floating world comics ROM show opening: Spacenite 2 pictures, A Tribute To Bill Mantlo. remember all the original artwork will be auctioned at the end of the month on eBay. 100% of the proceeds go to Bill Mantlo.

speaking of charities, a local pal of mine has some art for for sale on willamette week‘s charity auction

i just put up some new things on my etsy store including some hand colored prints

and a couple of drawings i did for this book, Spiritual Teachings of the Avatar, Ancient Wisdom for a New World. there are 16 illustrations of mine that i computer colored in the middle of the book. while i very much appreciate getting the work, i do want to be clear that i have not read the book nor am i endorsing it or anyone’s spiritual agenda. the illustrations are based on the Ramayana and Mahabharata, two immense stories from ancient indian mythology.

i am going to be posting a few drawings from the book every few days on my etsy store in the upcoming weeks for about $30 to $40 each. with each purchase of art from the book i will be sending one free copy of the book. i have about 20 or so drawings and have 20 copies of the book where you can see all the colored illustrations.

a couple folks mentioned i should start a tumblr, so i did. the plan is to just post sketchbbook stuff on there and use this blog to show illustrations, pages from my comics and stuff like that. my pal leland purvis sent me this link to a tumblr which just posts moebius art. sweet. and my pal jay sacher has a fun one too. and check out his golden circle site as well

and don’t forget about the meathaus site. i just saw this cool drawing on there by an old school chum and meathaus contributor kevin fagen. i also just saw somewhere that the new desert island anthology is for sale on-line. i need one, so say we all.

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