i am leaving for new york tomorrow for the mocca art fest.
special for the show i am announcing the return of the mini comic, spigot, only two bucks and limited to fifty copies.
i made a couple new astronaut t-shirts to sell there as well.

there are a couple cool events going on too in conjunction with mocca
first, on friday night rocketship , one of the best comic stores around is having a party. here is the info:
This Friday Night, June 9th, 8 pm at ROCKETSHIP,some excellent things going on:
* The CARTOON L.A. gallery show, which will feature original works by Jordan Crane, Jaime Hernandez, Johnny Ryan, and Sten Weissman.
* A book signing, premiering CHEWING GUM IN CHURCH by Steven Weissman, UPTIGHT by Jordan Crane, and THE SQUIRREL MOTHER by Megan Kelso. These fine cartoonists will be on hand signing these fine books.
* Fantagraphics 30th Birthday! Have a round of drinks on us, and celebrate the birthday of these lovely publishers of quality graphic periodicals! 
* Musical entertainment by DJ ILL PANTIES.
 Start the weekend off right! Stop by ROCKETSHIP and check out some amazing artwork by some of L.A.’s top cartoonists! Get some incredible new books signed!  (ROCKETSHIP is located at 208 Smith Street, between Butler and Baltic, in the Borough of Kings, Brooklyn. You can take the F train to Bergen Street for easy subway access. We can be reached at 718-797-1348 )
then on saturday night not too far from the puck building
cake shop is putting on a party.
here are the details:
meathaus is in NYC at MoCCA this weekend! Also More importantly, BEER PARTY @ CAKE SHOP Saturday night:

++a free& public afterparty for the small press indoe comic dudes unwinding after sitting behind a
convention table all day nervously wondering what you think of their comic and whether or
not it sucks.
PERFORMANCES BY comic book legends JEFF & JACK LEWIS (rough trade)
and the animated-enough SOILED MATTRESS AND THE SPRINGS!!
free Macau beer from 8 to 9!
cake shop is on 152 Ludlow in nyc (between stanton and rivington)
phone 212-253-0036
and then after that
“Mary and alex (Rocketship’s Dynamic Duo!) are hosting an After-After-Party, Saturday night, June 10th, at SHADES OF GREEN (125 E 15th St, between Irving and Third). This starts at 11 pm, so after the CBLDF and Cake Shop events, come on up to Union Square and continue the party-ness!
We have reserved the back room for MoCCA type comical book folks, and there will be free buffet food…. Then, at midnight, BURLESQUE with VERONIKA SWEET AND FRIENDS!  (http://sweetandnastyburlesque.com/) Three lovely ladies in a Randy Retro Revue hosted by the always hilarious DIRTY DADDY!
There will be a 3 dollar cover (for the entertainment), but otherwise this is a chill, nice spot to wind the night down…. so spread the word, tell your friends, and we hope to see you there!”

last journal i forgot to mention before that my friend and fellow meathaus collaborator nate powell put together a cool little anthology called all the days are numbered so* it comes with a music cd too. the only thing i could find online about it was here.

the website says they are out of stock but nate might be at mocca selling some of them.

here is some more info about the 24seven anthology story me and my good buddy jasen lex contributed a story to;

someone sent me a link from newsarama. there was some mention of the omega the unknown series and they put up a cover i did for issue #2
here it is:

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