• so i just got home from floating world comics for the ink studs release party, after biking 8 miles in the ding dong rain. in my previous post i said that i would be at the alternative press expo standing at the pony club booth but it turns out there will be a little more space for me at the Conundrum Press booth #312 with robin mcconnell and the gang. so that is where i will be standing on saturday and sunday.
  • also in my previous post i forgot to mention that there will be a new issue of Zack Soto’s super cool comics anthology studygroup 12, and i have four pages in it. i am including one of those pages below for your potential amusement. i also put a panel from my studygroup 12 story (the panel at the top of this post) up on my etsy store
  • and among the original art i will be selling at ape will three of the four pages i have in the upcoming strange tales II. i am still not sure which issue it is in but i have a feeling it might be issue 2.
    here is another panel from that story. see you at the show.
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