hey world, i am (with thanks to the much help of one of my oldest friends) whipping this website into shape.

i am posting more on my Patreon where for just $2 a month you can get exclusive content and a chance to buy some smaller pieces and sketches.

a few people have asked me how to get that sort of thing outside of visiting me at a con or using ebay opportunists so i am making some stuff available you can buy direct from me.

also don’t forget you can buy lots of original comic art pages from my wonderful art dealer The Beguiling, including covers i have done recently. here is a video from my youtube channel of a few things i just sent to them.

and here are the next three covers in the Proxima Centauri series

PROXIMA CENTAURI #3 (OF 6) Published: August 15, 2018   Print: $2.99   Digital: $2.99

Proxima Centauri #3 (of 6)

PROXIMA CENTAURI #4 (OF #6) Published: September 12, 2018   Print: $3.99   Digital: $3.99

PROXIMA CENTAURI #5 (OF 6) Published: October 17, 2018   Print: $3.99   Digital: $3.99

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