so on new years day i moved out of good old st. johns, and am now in the north west area of portland. it was a jarring transition, the few weeks before and after the relocation were a were kind of devastating to productivity, but i feel like i am digging myself out a bit now. the new environs have piqued an interest in me getting a studio space with some other cartoonist types. i haven’t been in a group studio in a while so i recently sat in for a day at the periscope studios to see what that felt like. i found it to be a quite pleasant and professional atmosphere to work in and got me even more excited about setting up shop with some other comic book makers. while i was at periscope i colored these two wrenchies pages.

you got to click on the image  if you want to see it big! people have been asking when the wrenchies is coming out. my new goal is to have this book finished for this summer. that means it probably won’t be published and on the shelves until 2012. hopefully it will be worth the wait. i put a few new things up on my etsy store. including these two things that sold right away.

thanks for buying them guys. i really am gonna start putting more stuff up there on a regular basis, i promise. my pally jay sacher just blogged about my etsy store and some other sellers of art including one of my favorite artists king mini.

i finished a couple more commissions:

the first one is of the character spider jerusalem from the Warren Ellis and Derek Robinson book, TRANSMETROPOLITAN.the second drawing was based off a sketch i posted a while back. if you want me to draw you a picture for you email me for my rate$.

floating world comics just recently posted their top 25 best seller list for 2010. my own dumb little book,pop gun war: chain letter #2 co-published by flaoting world comics made it in at #25. i think jason still has some copies of that at his excellent store or you can still buy it here. i only have about forty copies left to sell. c’mon now. i am sending out a bunch of orders tomorrow morning. so if you ordered something from me in the last few weeks it is on it’s way to you. my most effusive apologies for them taking so long to get out.

i posted about this already on the facebook but if you don’t mess with that stuff (understandbably) i wanted to pass the word along here. a couple of pals of mine just finished the last issue of their exquisite and exciting three-part series, poison the cure, and they started a kickstarter page to help them publish it. the first two issues are superfun reading and are around 100 pages each. i haven’t read the last issue yet obviously but i am sure this last issue will be just as good.

i also wanted to let evreybody know about my pal roger’s blog. which he hasn’t posted to in a while but has the entire issue of his hilarious comic, devil church on there.

now here are some upcoming comic book shows i will be at this year:

i might do a few more shows too. i’ll keep y’all posted.

one last quick heads up for this weekend. if you are in portland you should check out my friends band, airwaves playing at mississippi studios Saturday, January 29, 2011.

see you there.

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