so meathaus-sos is done and will be out on may 1st. you can preorder it from nerdcore here.
the book will be previewing and fully available at the new york city comic con, april 18th thru 20th.
i will be in new york for that show as well as for the omega the unknown party at one of the best comic shops around, rocketship in brooklyn
the event will be on Wednesday April 2, from 7-9.
it should be a blast and possibly have free beer.
the whole creative on the book will be there. please come and bring lots of friends. i have been working on this book for a long time now and am finally on the last issue. it has been such a fun project. i think i am going to miss those characters a bit. snif.
the next day, April 3 i will be heading up to the cartoon studies school in vermont with paul and jonathan to talk about the book. check it out.
Thursday April 3, 4:30pm
Haldeman Conference Center
Kreindler Auditorium Room 041
Dartmouth College
i don’t really look at reviews so much but i think the omega book is being well received. i was sent this review recently.
i meant to post this a while ago but i am a flake. so in case anyone cares i was on my buddy conch’s local comic book radio show, words and pictures.. you can Comic Book Club – Live Comic Book Talk Show in NYC Tuesday, April 8 @ 8:00pm at the Peoples Improv Theater. Tickets are just $5!
there is also free podcast of the show available too on your eye toonez.
i have a piece in a show here in town with james jean, jeff soto and some other awesome dudes at grass hut news. if you are in town head over and check it out. i didn’t get a chance to scan the painting. i will post it when the show is over.
speaking of shows, the stumptown comics thing is coming up at the end of april. tables are sold out for the show so i don’t know if i will have my own spot but i will be back in portland and at that show somewhere. i might sit at someone else’s table. now here is a bunch of random little things inlcuding a cd cover i did for my little siter’s band, efft.

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