tcaf is this weekend in toronto, canada. it is free and an amazing show that i am sad i wasn’t able to attend but i will be represented there by some of my wonderful publishers:
study group comics exhibiting at table # 111. visit with Jason Leivian (Floating World Comics) and François Vigneault (Study Group Comics) they have the first two issues of my book, it will all hurt, and some other good stuff like titan, haunter, and Bartkira.
adhouse exhibiting at table #202. go pick up a copy of my art and comics book, delusional from chris pitzer upstairs.
right next door is Tugboat Press exhibiting at table #203. i believe greg means still has copies of the 6-page full color story, pangs i made with mk reed.
and lastly go say hi to the wrenchies publisher, first second books -exhibiting at table #151. there might be an advance copy of the wrenchies at the table. if nothing else they should have the new fall catalogue with an image or two from the wrenchies in there.
and here is a pin-up i did for bob fingerman’s excellent comic minimum wage (issue #5). out from image comics on the 14th.

b c n u.

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