THIS WEEKEND i will be in the beautiful city of vancouver british columbia in my favorite country of canada for the  VanCAF , vancouver comic book festival.

May 25-26 2013 Sat. 10am-6pm Sun. 11am-5pm 181 Roundhouse Mews Vancouver, BC

sweeet. should be a fun show since i am sharing a table with like 20 or so awesome cartoonists.

the following weekend i will be in denver, colorado here in the states united for Denver Comic Con (May 31 – June 2, 2013 | Colorado Convention Center)

if you are in either spot at the right time please come on by and pick up a copy of the first issue of  it will all hurt or go through all the many 2 panel pages i will have on hand from that comic. i am selling them for cheap.  i’ll also sign whatever prophet stuff you want or any other comics. anyway you slice it i would like it if you came by and said, “hey”.

i have been to the IPRC a few times to put the covers on and hang with zack soto. the times i have been there everyone is really nice and helpful and there are usually other artists there working on cool stuff. i love that that place exists and is in the town i live in. in my personal life i am so often negative about living in a city and all of the dumb perceived “problems” i have with our society. not to be too hyperbolic but having a place around like the IPRC really does help me feel better about humanity. here’s some pics zack took of the newly covered books and me putting them together.iwahbookstumblr_mluvo6D7xu1r51450o3_1280

 after that i am not doing another show until SPX (Bethesda, maryland  september 14-15) at spx i will be debuting delusional a 232-page hardcover from AdHouse Books. it will be a lot of previously published comics and unpublished artwork and sketchbook stuff. i am pretty excited about this as i have been wanting to do a book like this for years and i couldn’t be happier about publisher Chris Pitzer helping me put it together.


a few or more pages of the artwork in the book are some of the many commissions i have done over the past few years. i got pretty burnt out doing those for the most part and too busy with trying to get books done so i am not taking on any new ones right now but here is one of the last ones i accepted…that sadly i just finished


i also did a black and white scan before i painted it in case you want to check that out too.


see y’all soon

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