VanCAF is in just a few days. I am getting on a train to BC in a couple hours.

The show info: May 24-25 2014 Sat. 10am-6pm Sun. 11am-5pm at 181 Roundhouse Mews Vancouver, BC

it is free to all.

here is a floor map and exhibitor placement. it looks like i am table A7 straight at the back of the room. right next to Brandon Graham and the gang.

speaking of brandon, i just found this old okaki drawing by him of my character from pop gun war, sinclair:
sinclair brandonokaki

i’ll be signing copies of delusional there, it will all hurt#1 and advance copies of it will all hurt #2. i’m also bringing a bunch of original art including iwah pages, omega the unknown pages, and the 3rd prophet trade cover.

here’s a not so great pic of it from ECCC:tumblr_inline_n3e2m6e4Zc1r4k844

and here is a picture of spidurmin commission i did at Emerald city as well:spideyeccccommiss

also this weekend on the other coast of north america is a show in boston that i will have a few original pages from the wrenchies exhibited at: Trifecta: Year One! Part of Boston’s Fourth Wall Project May 22–25. Year One is a free four-day event filled with programming from Trifecta Editions and artists they have worked with in their first year as a print collective.

The exhibition roster includes artists: 
Greg Lamarche (SP.ONE)Nick ZarembaMatt ZarembaKhaldoun HijazinFaye OrloveBrian ButlerDavid Buckley BordenGupi RanganathanFarel Dalrymple,Edie BreslerCyrille ConanMasha Ryskin and Michele L’Heureux.

 More information and a detailed schedule is available on their website.

with all the wrenchies promotion and stuff i haven’t been as productive as i would like, but i did finally finish my little nemo pages for the upcoming nemo tribute book from Locust Moon. i am not supposed to share my pages yet but here is an unfinished snippet:nemosnipflip

as soon as i get back from vancouver,  i am jumping on a plane for New York city and BEA-the Book Expo of America. 

 even though i lived in new york for 8 years i have never been to BEA before. i am looking forward to seeing the old city and hanging with old friends and my fine publisher, First Second, and signing advance wrenchies copies of my book. i still haven’t seen the book yet myself but i am getting pumped y’all. here are the couple things i am scheduled for:

Thursday, May 29th-Event Panel: The Best in Fall 2014 Graphic Novels**Time: 4:00pm – 5:00pm

Address: The Javits Center (34th Avenue and 11th) / Uptown Stage

Friday, May 30th-Event-Signing: BEA Author Autographing **Time: 11:00am – 12:00pm

Address: The Javits Center (34th and 11th) / Autographing Area Table #22

 and lastly somewhat sad news, i had to cancel going to heroes con this year. sorry, i hate having to go back on my commitment but i just couldn’t make it happen this time. hopefully next year.

sooooo maybe i’ll catch y’all on a coast?deerandy

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