hey everybody, i didn’t make that cardinal.
my good pal, mu is in a group show at Scion Gallery L.A,
he made all these paper figures you can see here

so i am pretty busy getting prepared for stumptown comics fest
i will have some prints for sale along with a new comic to show the world (hopefully). there is also a bunch of stuff going on that weekend that i will be a part of. more to come on all that later.
here is a page from the book i am working on.
title or description
an italian fan emailed me recently with this picture.
title or description
i feel quite honored. thanks for the love.
the italian edition of pop gun war is a beautiful thing. hardcover with a silver foil sinclair on the cover. there are even some color pages inside. if you see me at a show i will most likely have a copy on hand to show if you’d like to see. or you can get one from
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