hey i made this guy:
a few people and retailers have emailed me asking about pop gun war being out of print. well it is fully back in print now so please tell your local comic store and or book store to order some (or a lot). the diamond STAR # is: 18889
and speaking of books in print, my buddies at poison the cure.
i love this book. it is some pretty radical science fiction stuff. me and a couple other dudes i draw with on thursday nights all did pin ups. here is mine of the character locito:
two of the guys that did pin ups are leaving funny comics on my ” alt=”kc” />
another new bad ass sci fi comic book out now is
brandon graham’s
king city from tokoyo pop.
i have read most of this book as brandon was working on it but still haven’t got my hands on a printed copy of it. i can’t wait.
there is a little something about it on the meathaus site. a site always worth checking out.

this weekend i will be up in seattle and will probably stop in at the emerald city comic con for maybe an hour or so. no table for me though just visitng.

the exceptional writer i am doing the omega the unknown book for marvel with is going to be here in portland:
Jonathan Lethem, April 12, 2007, Portland Arts & Lectures at the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall, 7:30 p.m.
he is currently on a book tour and might be in your town soon. “>KITCHEN SINK: Step Into My Office
First Thursday, April 5th, 7-11pm
520 NW Davis Street, 2nd Floor
($2-5 Sliding Donation)
Food and drinks by Half and Half.
Bring an article of clothing for patchwork and silkscreen alterations.
Karaoke afterparty at Someday Lounge, 125 NW 5th Ave, beginning 11 p.m.

then i heard a rumor that on april 9th there will be a showing of night watch and Day watch at http://comixlist.com/

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